Ikshvaku Dynasty Ended 1634 BC By Mahapadma Nanda

I had provided earlier Kings List of India, belonging to Ikshvaku Dynasty.It is also called as Solar Dynasty/Suryavamsa..In a series of articles I updated the list based on the Information from Matsya,Vishnu and Brahmanda Purans..

The other Vamsa or Major Dynasty is Chandra Vamsa or Lunar Dynasty, which had its beginning from the sister of Ikshvaku,.Ila married Budha son of Chandra and had Pururavas as a son.Pururavas is the first King of Chandra Vamsa and his child descendants are called Pauravas,Same as Chandra Vamsa.The other Dynasties of India including Yadava have sprung from the Ikshvaku or through Lunar dynasty. As stated earlier, as Ila was the sister of Ikshvaku’Lunar dynasty is related to Ikshvaku.

The Ikshvaku Dynasty came to an end with King Sumitra in in 1634 BC

The Ikshvahu dynasty frm Treta Yuga ,from million years ago extended upto Dwapara yuga and ended with King Sumitra who was defeated and driven away from Ayodhya.

Then we find continum from that period from Magadha dynasty,which belongs to Lunar Dynasty,Chandravamsa from Bruhatradha.


Last king Sumitra was killed by Mahapadma Nanda in 1634 BCE.
Chanakya was contemporary to this Mahapadma Nanda (Dhana Nanda), who placed Mahapadmananda’s protege Chandragupta, son of Mahapadma Nanda by his wife ‘Mura‘ on the throne of his father..

Vishnu Purana, Amsa IV, chapter 22

IkshvakuNaa mayaa vaMsaha, sumitrAntO gamishyatihi

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