Chola King Sibi Ancestor Of Rama Great Grand Son Of Yayati

I had written about the List of Kings of India from Ikshvaku Dynasty to Chandragupta Maurya. I have also listed out the List of Kings from the Lunar Dynasty,Chandra Vamsa. I had observed all the dynasties of India had sprung from the Ikshvaku Dynasty to which Sri.Ram belongs.The Ikshvaku dynasty is also referred to as Solar Dynasty and Suryavamsa..The Chandravamsa has its origin from Ila, sister of Ikshvaku. She married Budha and had Purururavas as as Her son and Pururravas was the first of the Chandravamsa or Lunar Dynasty.Other dynasties of India sprang from Eitther Ikshvaku or Chandra Vamsa.this includes the Yadu Vamsa of Sri.Krishna..( So, Krishna is related to Rama)

There were two parallel landmasses in ancient India, The Arya Vartha and Dakshina pada,The south of Vindhyas..Those in the Dakshina Pada were called Dasyus and they had a distinct cultural identity, though it is linked to AAryavartha.In fact ,Dakshina Pada culture was so good that Sage Viswamitra’s sons, who were banished to Dakshina Pada by Viswamitra , that their descendant Apasthamba incorporated the Dakshinapada concept of wearing Mangal Sutra,Thaali in Vedic Marriage.(Source..History of Tamils by Sri.PT.Srinivasa Iyengar)Apasthamba sutra is practiced even today in the South of Vindhyas.Vedic practices were also followed in the Dakshina pada by the Three Tamil Kings,Chera,Chozha and Pandya.Tamil way of Life incorporated many thoughts of Vedas.

The three dynasties of South, Chera,Chozha and Pandyas trace their ancestryto either Ikshvaku Dynasty or Chandra Vamsa, Lunar Dynasty.Chozhas call themselves as the descendants of Ikshvaku Dynasty, as evidenced from the Copperplates from Thirukkoilyur and also from the epigraphs of Kanyakumari.The copperplates extoll the virtues, called Meykkeerti in Tamizh, mention that the Chozhas were from Kasyapa Gotra!Again, the twist is that Sri.Rama belongs to Chozha Dynasty and not the other way round! Reason, Chozhas’Ancestor Sibi was the Twenty fifth King of Ikshvaku Dynasty, while Rama was the Eighty first,’25. Purukutsha (married with Narmada), Ambarisha (adopted by Yuvanashva), Muchukunda (helped Deva in Deva-Asur War andlatter he killed Kaal Yavan by fire from his eyes at the time of Sri Krishna Avatara in end of Dwaparayuga) (Contemporary to Chandravanshi King Sibi who was founder of Keikaya and Madra Kingdom)…81. Rama ruled 11,000 years as mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana, Vishnu Purana, Harivansha Puran, Agni Puran, Srimad Bhagavat Maha Puran (Lakshmana, Bharata andShatrughna are his siblings and they are also avatar of lord Vishnu)
In the Ramayana, we find that, Lava and Kusha were the sons of Rama.” reference.

There is a Temple near SriRangam in Tamil Nadu, Thiruvellarai and it was built by Sibi, ancestor of Rama.I ahd written a detailed article on the wonders of this temple in a separate article.Sibi is reported to have ruled from somewhere near Pakistan SWAT Valley, or Afghansitan Pakistan Border.That city was used by Sibi as his second capital. It is probably Sialkot.Shall write on this later.

Finding and palcing Sibi in the genealogy chart of Surya vamsa had been tough.
i cross checked with many puranas and came up with the fact fact that Sibi was the son of Usinara of Chandravamsa..Usinara was the son of Anu and Anu was the son of Yayati of Chandravamsa.

  1. Anu
  2. Sabhanara
  3. Kaksheyu
  4. Kalanara
  5. Srnjaya
  6. Puranjaya
  7. Janamejaya (Contemporary to Suryavanshi King Anaranya)
  8. Mahashala
  9. Mahamana was the great devotee of Lord Vishnu
  10. Ushinara and Titikshu

Ushinara was given north-western side of India. Shibi was the son of King Ushinara and his descendants were MadrasKekayas and Sauviras. He is the one who gave flesh for a hawk and an eagle.

  1. Shibi, Vara, Krmi, Dakshas were the sons of king Ushinara.
  2. So That makes Sibi as the Great Grand son of Yayati.Yayati and Devayani , Daughter of Sukracharya were the ancestors of of Sibi .Yayai and Devayani were the parent’s of Sibi’s Grandfather,Anu.

To sum up,Sibi belonged to Chandravamsa,He was the Graet grand son of Anu, son of Yayati and Devayani( Devayani’s Father was Sukracharya, Asura Guru).

Sibi ruled from northwest of what is now Pakistan area and he founded Madra, Kekaya and Sauvira Kingdoms.I shall explore this poit as this directly points out the information that Rajputs Meena Kingdom is related to Sibi and Chozhas.

References and citations.

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