Chola Sibi Founded Madra Kingdom in North Mahabharata

I have written that Chozha King Shibi,aka Sivi , was the great Great grandson of Yayati,of Chandravansa,Lunar Dynasty of India. Lunar Dynasty sprang from Ikshvaku/ Solar/ Suryavansh to which Sri Ram belonged.

Sibi was a Chozha,also called as Chola, belonging one of the three Ancient Kingdoms of Tamils,Chera, Chola and Pandya.Sibi is mentioned exhaustively in Jataka works of Buddhism, Mahabharata and Ramayana and of course in early Tamil Sangam literature.He built a temple for Vishnu in Thiruvellarai,about 10 kms from Srirangam,Tamil Nadu,which is a Holy site for Vaishnavas.The temple at Thiruvellarai is dedicated to Sri Vishnu,in His aspect as Pundarikaksha. Sibi was an emperor, Chakravarty, and he ruled from the northwest region, currently in Pakistan.Based on the evidence available then , I arrived at the place as somewhere in NWFP in Pakistan or near the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. People of that region still speak Tamil even today. I shall write on this later.

Now I am able to identify the place from where King Sibi Ruled. It is called Sialkot,now in Pakistan.Sialkot was called Sagala and was a part of Madri Kingdom,later to Meena Kingdom(?).Madri, the other wife of Pandu, apart from Kunti, belonged to Kuru Dynasty.Madra Kingdom was founded by Shibi., great Grandson of Anu.There is also a view that it was founded by Sibi’s grandson.And the capital suggested was Arishtapura,Sibisthan.

However,the information is that Sibi or his descendants established the Madra Kingdom. This is located in the northwest of India.This confirms my earlier view that Sibi , Chola King ruled from the Northern part of India , and he had his first capital in South.This also nails the Aryan Invasion Theory.As I had observed Tamil is being spoken in the northwest port of India,Pakistan Afghanistan border.

Sibi /his descendants established the Kekaya Kingdom too.Moreto follow on this.

I shall be writing on the Chera Pandyan connection to Rajasthan Tribes, with DNA evidence.

According to the Vayu Purana, the Madra Kingdom was founded by King Ushinara Shibi of the Anu race. Anu was the son of Yayati.

According to Bhagavata Purana, The kingdom of Madra was founded by Madra who was the son of Anu King Shibi in Treta Yuga.

According to Bhagavata Purana and Mahabharatha, his sons were Vrshadarbha (Prince of Sivi Kingdom), Sudhira, Madra and Kekaya who established Madra and Kekaya kingdoms.

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