Four Tools To Remove Negative Thoughts Yoga Sutra 1.33

Indian Philosophy distinguishes three aspects,

Between Brain,Mind,Intellect.

The Brain,the physical organ receives the signals,Stimulii.

At the this level what is received remains as raw Data.

The Mind,Manas,ascribes file folders  like agreeable,disagreeable,the Genus the Stimuli belongs to.

It does not go further,excepting associating the Stimuli with Emotion.

But is Buddhi,this can be translated roughly as Intellect ,passes judgement by assigning Labels such as Correct,Incorrect,factual judgements ;Right or Wrong ,Moral Judgement.

How and why Buddhi behaves the way it does?

It is because of Chitta,which is Consciousness.

The Individual Consciousness is,till it Realizes its Identity with the Universal Reality,Brahman,is tethered to Swabhava,one’s natural disposition and Karmaphala,fruits of actions.

More of this later.

As Yoga is the effort to effect Union of the Individual Consciousness with the Universal One,the Chitta is to be corrected,purified.

The reflections in the Chitta,when it is not fully Realized,is conditioned be downstream Data from Intellect,Mind.

This Data has to be properly reflected upon.

The negative inputs gathered as explained in the earlier Sutras are to be handled by the following four tools.



Gladness, and


Patanjali Yoga Sutra 1.33.image
Patanjali Yoga sutra1.33

Swami Vivekananda explains thus,


Friendship, mercy, gladness, indifference, being
thought of in regard to subjects, happy, unhappy,
good and evil respectively, pacify the Chitta.
We must have these four sorts of ideas. We must have
friendship for all; we must be merciful towards those that are
in misery; when people are happy we ought to be happy, and
to the wicked we must be indifferent. So with all subjects that
come before us. If the subject is a good one, we shall feel
friendly towards it; if the subject of thought is one that is
miserable we must be merciful towards the subject. If it is
good we must be glad, if it is evil we must be indifferent.
These attitudes of the mind towards the different subjects that
come before it will make the mind peaceful. Most of our
difficulties in our daily lives come from being unable to hold
our minds in this way. For instance, if a man does evil to us,

instantly we want to react evil, and every reaction of evil shows that we are not able to hold the Chitta down; it comes out in waves towards the object, and we lose our power. Eve

Every reaction in the form of hatred or evil is so much loss to the
mind, and every evil thought or deed of hatred, or any thought
of reaction, if it is controlled, will be laid in our favour. It is
not that we lose by thus restraining ourselves; we are gaining
infinitely more than we suspect. Each time we suppress
hatred, or a feeling of anger, it is so much good energy stored
up in our favour; that piece of energy will be converting into the higher powers.


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