Solution To Overcome Confusion Yoga Sutra 1.32 Samadhi Pada

The obstacles,as listed by Patanjali in earlier Yoga Sutras from 1.21 to 1.31,totalling 9 and another 3,can be overcome says Patanjali in Yoga Sutra 1.32.

Human Mind,by nature receives many Stimulii,at the same time.

It is the disposition of the individual on the one hand and the environment in which he grows up,which clouds one’s Mind,the other.

Multitude of Thoughts ,most of them occurring at the same time creates a conflict of Ideas.

It might be the clash of ideas,or the value system one has /been exposed to or merely the presence of totally contradicting ideas or overlapping ideas.

This,essentially,is because of the Perception one has of Objects and the ideas he forms of them.

The Object,we observe first ,as Fact.

Then our association of Ideas make us link the Object to various Objects we have perceived earlier and our impressions of it and the pain or pleasure it has caused us.

This Conditioned Perception,though we are not aware of it,determines our present Perception.

This is the cause of Prejudice.

And also our failure to distinguish Fact from Impression.

This is the cause for clash of ideas,confusion,indecision,incorrect judgement and finally inaction.

This has been addressed by Lord Krishna in the Second Chapter of The Bhagavad Gita,in the form of Karma Yoga.

Patanjali,in Yoga Sutra 1.31, addresses this issue thus,

Yoga sutra verse 1.32
Yoga Sutra .1.32 of Patanjali

32. तत्प्रणतषधेाथभय

ए्कतत्त्वाभ्यास् ॥ ३२॥
tatpratishedhartham ekatattvabhyasah
To remedy this practice of one subject (should be

(Translation by Swamy Vivekananda)

The inability to Perceive the Reality as One,says Yoga,is the cause for these conditions and he sets forth remedial measures to overcome this.

This will be explained in the forthcoming Yoga Sutras.


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