Shiva Namaskara Mantra From Mahanarayana Upanishad

Powerful Mantras are to be found in the Mahanarayana Upanishad.

The Gayatri Mantra,one of the most powerful mantras,which is the Mother of All Mantras

Is found in this Upanishad.


Curiously it is an Upanishad that deals with not only with the enquiry into Reality but to daily Routine and other Mantras for specific occasions.


The Mahanarayana Upanishad is in Krishna Yajur Veda.


It contains the daily duties , procedures, mantras, and Devatha Gayatris.


This Upanishad is also called Yagniki Upanishad as it deals at length with passages from Vedas and other Upanishads in parts or full used in religious acts of worship. According to Sage Sayana this Upanishad contains whatever mantras left over to be chanted in respect of Karma, Upaasana and Jnaana after the recital of Samhitha and Braahmana which are brought together in this rare compilation.


Gayatri mantras in Maha Narayana Upanishad.


Rudra Gaayatri—“Purushasya vidma sahasraakshasya mahadevasya dheemahi | tannoe rudrah prachoedayaat || — we meditate upon the Purusha. We meditate upon Mahadeva the omniscient for that purpose. May that God Rudra, prompt us that meditation upon the Purusha!
“Tatpurushasya vidmahe mahaadevaaya dheemahi | Tannoe rudrah prachoedayaat”—we meditate upon that Purusha (Paramaatman).
We meditate on Mahadeva for that purpose. May that Rudra invigorate us in our action of meditating on Purusha!
Ganesha Gaayatri—“Tatpurushaaya vidmahe vakratundaaya dheemahi | Tannoe dantih prachoedayaat ||”
We meditate upon that Purusha. We meditate on the Lord with curved trunk for that purpose.’
Gayatri from Mahanarayana Upanishad


Shiva Namaskara Mantra is found in this Upanishad.



“May we Know or Realize the Supreme Person. For that, may we meditate upon
Mahadeva and to that meditation may Rudra Impel us.
May the Supreme who is the Ruler of All Knowledge, Controller of All created beings,
the Preserver of the Vedas and the One Overlord of Hiranyagarbha, be benign to me. I am
the Sadasiva described thus and denoted by Pranava.
Salutations again and again to Hiranyabahu [One who has ornaments of gold on the Arms
or possessing a Form having the golden hue], Hiranyavarna [He who is the Source of the
syllables of the Vedas which are as precious as gold], Hiranyarupa [He who is shining in
Splendour], Hiranyapati [the Lord of Riches wholesome and charming], Ambikapati [the
Consort of Ambika, the Mother of the Universe], Umapati [The Master of Uma, Brahma￾vidya personified as such], Pasupati [the Lord of All created beings].
Supreme Brahman, the Absolute Reality, has become an androgynous Person in the
Form of Umamaheshvara, dark blue and reddish brown in hue, Absolutely Chaste
and possessing Uncommon Eyes. Salutations to Him alone who is the Soul of the
Universe or whose Form is the Universe.
All this verily is Rudra. To Rudra who is such we offer our salutation. We salute
again and again That Being, Rudra, who alone is the Light and the Soul of
creatures. The material Universe, the created beings and whatever there is
manifoldly and profusely created in the past and in the present in the form of the
world, All that is indeed This Rudra. Salutations be to Rudra who is such.
We sing a Hymn that confers on us happiness in the highest degree to Rudra who is
Worthy of Praise, who is Endowed with the Highest Knowledge, who Rains objects to
the worshippers most excellently, who is more Powerful and who is Dwelling in the
Heart. Indeed All this is Rudra. Salutations be to Rudra who is such.”
tatpuruShAya vidmahe mahAdevAya dhImahi | tanno rudraH
prachodayAt.h ||
IshAnaH sarvavidyAnAmIshvaraH sarvabhUtAnAM
brahmAdhipatirbrahmaNo.adhipatirbrahmA shivo me astu



namo hiraNyabAhave hiraNyavarNAya hiraNyarUpAya
hiraNyapataye.ambikApataya umApataye pashupataye namo namaH ||
R^ita{\m+} satyaM paraM brahma puruSha.n kR^iShNapi~Ngalam.h |
UrdhvaretaM virUpAkShaM vishvarUpAya vai namo namaH ||
sarvo vai rudrastasmai rudrAya namo astu | puruSho vai rudraH
sanmaho namo namaH |
vishvaM bhUtaM bhuvana.n chitraM bahudhA jAta.n jAyamAna.n
cha yat.h |
sarvo hyeSha rudrastasmai rudrAya namo astu ||
kadrudrAya prachetase mIDhuShTamAya tavyase | vochema
sha.ntama{\m+} hR^ide |
sarvohyeSha rudrastasmai rudrAya namo astu ||


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