Homakunda Yama Temple Tanks In Peru

The Andean civilization has its share of Hinduism.

Peru has the Trident mark of Lord Shiva, called The Nazca Lines.

Sugreeva directed his army to search for Sita in Peru and the directions given by him 5000 years ago tally even today.

There is Archeological site in Peru, Vichama, which has been excavated.

The Incas were people who migrated from Tamil Nadu.

Read my post on this.

It bears a striking similarity to Hinduism.

Vichama is the Deity of Death and He is the son of Sun and he has a sister.

In Hinduism Yama , the God of Death is the son of Surya, Sun and has a sister Yami, River Yamuna.

“The goddess of the river, also known as Yami, is the sister of Yama, god of death, and the daughter of Surya, the Sun god, and his wife Saranyu”

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El Parasio Temple Peru.jpg

An ancient Fire Temple at El Paraiso in Lima, Peru, close to the site of the Paracas Trident was discovered in January, 2013. The Fire Temple structure is similar to the Vedic ‘Havan Kund’ and was used for Fire WorshipEl Parasio

Remains of the ancient temple complex  of Caral-Supe, Peru. jpg

Remains of the ancient temple complex of Caral-Supe, Peru.

The ruins in Vichama resemble Homa/havan Kunda being used by the Hindus for worship;

Temples resemble Indian Pyramid temple,

Temple Tanks look like the ones one finds in Indian temples.

Swasthika Mark in Vichama pot.jpg

A pot from the Vichama site in Peru. Notice the Vedic ‘swastika’ sign. The Vedic Swastika is different from the ‘inverted’ Nazi Swastika. Asthi Kalasa?

The sunken circular plaza is often thought to have been an amphitheatre but a closer look reveals features that it may have been a tank, around which holy offerings were made – much like the Indian temple ‘water tanks’ or ‘jala kunda‘ (जल कुण्ड) as they are called in Sanskrit. The prominent circular tank like structure at Caral bears a remarkable resemblance to the temple jala-kundas of India.”


Yama Havankund in Peru



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