Producing Homa Fire Only By Mantra? Explanation.

Preparing Fire for Homa

To the best of my knowledge based on our ancient texts and procedures what is shown in Vedeos 1and 2 as Agni, Fire, being produced only by Mantras is not possible. The purported Mantra  being chanted  in the first video, is not Agni Suktha.Unable to decipher what it it is.This kind of dubious information brings disrepute to Sanatan Dharma.

Homakunda Yama Temple Tanks In Peru

Peru has the Trident mark of Lord Shiva, called The Nazca Lines.

Sugreeva directed his army to search fo Sita in Peru and the directions given by him 5000 years ago tally even today.

There is Archeological site in Peru, Vichama, which has ben excavated.

The Incas were people who migrated from Tamil Nadu.