Producing Homa Fire Only By Mantra? Explanation.

Agnimanthan , Preparing fire Vedic Way.image

I received a forward in Whatsup, a Video that showed purohits creating fire 🔥 without any physical kindling or lighting. It was stated that the fire was lot by chanting the Veda mantras. Here is the Video.

Homa fire lit by Chanting Mantras. Video 1. For comments on this video, please read the last paragraph of this article.

I checked up for hoaxes. I have not been able to verify this. In Searching to verify , I had come across another video in Twitter. It is provided here below.

Video 2

Agni, God of Fire, is the primary deity worshipped in Vedas. Agni is accorded the highest plane in Sanatan Dharma and all Rites of Hindus revolve around Vedas.Rig Veda, the oldest literary work begins with salutations to Agni.’ Agnimele Purohitham, Rtvidham Hotaaram….Without 🔥, Agni, no karma can be performed.

Traditionally Agni is lit with Homa materials like cowdung, wooden pieces from selected trees,twigs from specific trees and it is lit with Fire that continues to burn at homes,Auphasana fire .Later , at homes it was lit from the Lamp at homes,which is kept at Pooja room. Nowa days, camphor is used.

Agni was also lit by without any inflammable material, producing sparks by churning Wood called Arani, reciting Agni Suktha. Read more of this here. How To Prepare Homa Yagnya Fire Agni Manthan Process

Making of Sacred Fire with Arni,Arnimanthan. Video 3

At no point of time, including Vedic times, was Fire 🔥 lit only by Mantras.That Agnihotra is scientifically proved to purify air is a different issue. I had published a study on this.

Materials used for Agnimanthan.Lighting fire for Homa

To the best of my knowledge based on our ancient texts and procedures what is shown in the First and Second Videos as Agni, Fire, being produced only by Mantras is not possible. The purported Mantra being chanted in the first video, is not Agni Suktha.Unable to decipher what it it is.This kind of dubious information brings disrepute to Sanatan Dharma.

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