Virochana Prahlads Son Incas Peru Founder Tamil Connection?

Shiva is credited with the founding of the Tamil Language and reported to have presided over the First Tamil Poets' Conclave in Thenmadurai,which was in Lemuria. For more on this line of thought please check my articles on Lemuria,Shiva. Being devotees of Shiva and Asuras the Hiranyakasipu clan might have moved or conquered Latin America from the Dravida Desa(south). Only this can account for the Tamil Practices and Sanatana Dharma being practiced by the Incas. This fusion of Tamil and Sanatana Dharma is unique. The artifacts found in Peru,Paraguay resemble Ancient Indian ornaments. And there is this treasure of the Incas which is being hunted by the bounty hun

Mahabali Founded Bali Discovered Americas Polynesia South East Asia?

Kerala was a part of Tamil kingdom in Lemuria and Lemurians were referred to as the Southerners,Dravida and were reported to be in Patala,down the earth. The territories we call as south east Asia Australia were in the south. One must remember that the landmass of the earth was different then. Lemuria and MU territories encompassed these areas. Ramayana and Sumerian texts state that Lemurians lived there. Shiva,who predates Sanatana Dharma was in the south. Shiva's trishul marks are found as Nazca lines in Peru. The Incas,Mayas were the descendants of the Tamils.

Shiva Linga In Machu Picchu Nazca Lines Peru

One may recall the Shiva shrines/Shiva Lingas aligned to Winter Solstice in India Inti Watana is believed to have been designed as an astronomic clock or calendar by the Incas(wiki) The Margabandhu, Temple Tamil Nadu has a stone that is is used as an Astronomic clock. Now watch this video clip.

Mexico Aztecs Followed Hinduism Caste System Upanayana

A festival called Sita-Ram (Situa – Raimi) was celebrated in Mexico during Nav-Ratri or Dussehra period which has been described on page 5867 in the book ‘Hamsworth History of the World’. ( read my post0 Both in Central and South America, there are found Sati cremation, priesthood, gurukul system, yajna, birth, marriage and death ceremonies to some extent similar to the Hindus. When Pizarro killed Peruvian King Atahualpa his 4 wives committed Sati—or self sacrifice..

Indra In Incas Peru Viracocha Ramayana, Upanishad

While Indra advocated the worship of the Atman, The Self as the goal of Life, Virochana worshiped Sarira, the Huan Body. Hence he was not considered as a Deva in Sanatna Dharma, though his story is narrated in the Puranas and the Ramayana.