Jesus Married Mary Papyrus Authenticated

I was intrigued when I read the Book The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown where he mentions that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene , they had a

child and the heir to Jesus , a girl, was living in France.


Papyrus sys Jesus was married and it is auhentic
An ancient papyrus, pictured, suggesting Jesus married Mary Magdalene, is genuine


And that Jesus appointed Mary to carry on with his Ministry.


I cheeked the facts and Dan Brown was correct.


I have posted articles on this.



Before proceeding further in this story we need to remember that The Bible was compiled some 300 years after the death of  Jesus Christ by Constantine in a conclave of cardinals in an effort to retain his Roman Empire.


Over 300 legends about Jesus were collected and the conclave chose those that met with the approval of Constantine.


This is the Bible.


Recent emergence of a text indicated that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.


The document was called a modern Forgery.


Now by carbon dating the document indicating that Jesus was married to marry Magdalene is  not a forgery and is genuine.




The studies, published Thursday in the Harvard Theological Review, represent the latest chapter in the years-long saga surrounding what Harvard theologian Karen King has dubbed the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife. King brought the text into the global spotlight in September 2012, at a symposium in Rome, but the publication of her analysis was held up for more than a year when questions were raised about the text’s authenticity.


…The fragmentary text, written in an Egyptian Coptic language, is controversial not only because Jesus appears to refer to his wife, but also because it discusses the worthiness of a woman named Mary for what might have been a leadership role. Here are a couple of other intriguing phrases: “she will be able to be my disciple” … “I am with her,” as in “I dwell with her.”…..


The papyrus fragment was purportedly acquired by an East German collector in the 1960s, sold to its current owner in 1999, and made available to King for study in 2011. The owner has remained anonymous, adding to the mystery surrounding the scrap’s origins.

Skeptics, including Vatican officials, insisted that the text was a modern-day forgery because the phrases were ungrammatical and appeared to be inexpertly cribbed from other apocryphal scriptures in circulation.

To settle the argument, researchers subjected the business-card-sized scrap of papyrus to radiocarbon tests and micro-Raman spectroscopy. One of the carbon-dating tests indicated that the papyrus went back somewhere between the year 659 and 869, with the most likely date around 741. Other tests showed that the chemical makeup of the ink was consistent with inks that were used between the first and the eighth century.

Citation. NBC News.

Jesus was Married.



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