Augustus Temple In Musiri Roman Colony Madurai

The trade reached its peak during the period of Augustus and the Roman currency depreciated alarmingly. During Augustus's period ratio of Gold to 1:9.3 aureus, aureus being 25 Silver Dinari. Because of the heavy import from India, the ratio became 1:96 during the period of Nero and this economic decline was one of the reasons for Rome's .disintegration as an Empire.

Rome Founded April 21, 753 B.C Rama Navami Little Rama

“Rome was founded by him on the ninth day of the month Pharmouthi, between the second and third hour; for it is supposed that the fortunes of cities, as well as those of men, have their certain periods which can be discovered by the position of the stars at their nativities.” (pg. 39, Plutarch's Lives, Volume 1, Chapter XII)

Lombardy Lambadi Indian Origin Of ItalianTribes Genetic Proof

genetic lineage study demolishes this theory and proves that gypsies known as Romanis actually are descendants of Domas who have inhabited the Gangetic plain for centuries now,"

AncientTamil Script in Egypt Oman Found

The words Nanthai ,Keeran are found. ணந்தை- கீரன் Refers to Nakkeran of the First Tamil Sangam? In that case it has to be at least 5000 years old.

Jesus Married Mary Papyrus Authenticated

I was intrigued when I read the Book The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown where he mentions that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene , they had a child and and the heir to Jesus , a girl, was living in France... Over 300 legends about Jesus were collected and the conclave chose those that met with the approval of Constantine. This is the Bible. Recent emergence of a text indicated that Jesus was married to marry Magdalene. The document was called a modern Forgery. Now by carbon dating the document indicating that Jesus was married to marry Magdalene is not a forgery and is genuine.