Make Friends With Fear

The other night I was in bed at night with my Grandson, 4.


Whenever I go to my daughter’s house he sleeps with me.


He asked me ‘Boss Thatha)(Boss Grand Father, that’s how he calls me, his logic I call him Boss,


” I am scared of Night,Drive it away’


I asked him,


‘Who is your best frined?


Boss Thatha,


Are you afraid of him ,




Night is also your friend, you be friends with him,he will give ou nice dreams, give you chocolates, Ice cream’


Next morning , he told me,


‘he is a good friend, he gave me Cars also’


This is what Fear is all about.


People worry about Health because they are afraid.


What is there to be afraid of?


If you have to fall sick, you shall.


Take Medicines when you fall sick, that’s all.


Most , nay all , of our fears are due to imagination.


We have a tendency to imagine the worst possible scenario.


I am not going to talk about positive Thought mumbo jumbo.


Keep it simple, look at the Child.


It accepts things as they are, unless you tell him otherwise.


It is said do what you fear most, Fear will disappear.


Fear is an Ally.


It makes you stay focussed,better prepared,


Use it to your advantage.


Students are afraid of examinations, Doctors of Surgery,Lawyers in Court,Young  of Jobs/future, old of Death.


Leave things Be, handle them as they come.


You will be surprised how you handle them, when you have this mindset.




If you think deeply there are only two points over which one is worried about Death.


1.The uncertainty over  what would happen after Death.


Notwithstanding the Religious Literature, we can not confirm it.


Accept it as we would Taxes and Price Rise.


2.The pain associated with Death.

Even here we do not know as who have died can not confirm.


Remember that the Body, as we know now, becomes unconscious when the Pain becomes unbearable and we become blissfully unaware of anything afterwards.


Let’s take it that way.


Face Life as it comes , do not think about it.



By Ramanis blog

Retired Senior Management Professional. Lectures on Indian Philosophy,Hinduism, Comparative Religions. Researching Philosophy, Religion. Free lance Writer.Blogger,Tedex Speaker

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  1. Thanks for the link! I enjoyed your post and associated story. I completely agree that life opens up many possibilities when you embrace and make your fears work for you.


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