Ultimate Boon and Prayer For Every One. I

Hinduism abounds in Prayers.



Not only do they seek boons for the individual and for the World  of inanimate s as well.


This one is from Tamil, an ancient vibrant language of India.


Sung by Abirami Bhattar on Goddess Abirami, Thirukkadavur.


I will be posting some more Universal Prayers for every one to use.


The name of the God or Religion is important.


We must know what to pray for.


For the Individual.


Education that does not waver in the sense that it is helpful and not mere information and distracting.


Never Aging in the sense of keeping the physical and mental faculties in tact.


Friendship that is true and honest.


A Body without  illness .


An unflagging mind undeterred by disappointments.


Wife whose Love never wanes,


A child who is on the Right path.


Fame that never takes a beating.


The trait of keeping one’s word.


Uninterrupted Philanthropy.


Undiminished wealth.


Just Judgments.


A Life without pain.


Your Grace to be with your Devotees.


Younger sister of the One who is on the Ocean in Yoga Nidra, the better half of the One who is Nectar,Goddess Abirami of


Goddess Abirami
Abirami Tirukkadavur



Grant me these!


    கலையாத கல்வியும், குறையாத வயதும்,


         ஓர் கபடு வாராத நட்பும், கன்றாத வளமையும்,


          குன்றாத இளமையும், கழுபிணி இலாத உடலும்,


    சலியாத மனமும், அன்பு அகலாத மனைவியும்,


          தவறாத சந்தானமும், தாழாத கீர்த்தியும்,


          மாறாத வார்த்தையும், தடைகள் வாராத கொடையும்,


    தொலையாத நிதியமும், கோணாத கோலும்,


          ஒரு துன்பம் இல்லாத வாழ்வும்,


          துய்ய நின்பாதத்தில் அன்பும் உதவிப்,


          பெரிய தொண்டரொடு கூட்டு கண்டாய்;


    அலைஆழி அறி துயில்கொள் மாயனது தங்கையே!


          ஆதி கடவூரின் வாழ்வே!


          அமுதீசர் ஒரு பாகம் அகலாத சுகபாணி!


          அருள் வாமி! அபிராமியே




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2 responses to “Ultimate Boon and Prayer For Every One. I”

  1. Dr.Madhusudan H.Jhaveri, Prof. of Engineering at Massachutes Institute of Technology is working seriously to present the similarities between the two oldest languages of the world- Tamil and Sanskrit.But he is writing in Hindi.His articles appear in Pravakta.com These devotional songs and prayers in Tamil convey very deep meaning.By propagating them u r doing a great service.


    • I have been thinking on these lines for quite some time.
      But the translation into English the essence and spirit of Sanskrit and Tamil is very difficult.
      Transliteration robs of the beauty.
      I am planning to post similar posts as this one from Tamil and Sanskrit.
      As you seem to be interested in these subjects, I recommend Jayadayal Goentka’s Book on The Bhagavad Gita Gita Press,Gorakpur..
      I have more than 19 translations of Bhagawad Gita including Dr Radha Krishnan’s.
      But this one is an absolute Beauty.
      It is available in Hindi as well.
      Normally available in Ramakrishna Mutt out lets(in Railway Stations as well) ;else one may get it from Gita press Gorakhpur online.


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