Two Fingers Virginity Test For Six Year Brahmin Priest’s Daughter Chidambaram

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Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism has unique practices. One such is the Priests in Hindu Temples. Though Vedas, the scriptures of Hinduism, advocate the worship of Formless Reality,called Nirguna Upasana also permits worship of Deities with Attributes, Qualities,called as Saguna Aradhana.There is no mention of collective worship or building of temples in the Vedas. The Building of temples and rules of worship came later through Agamas. Agamas lay down rules for building of temples and procedures to be followed in performing poojas in the temples.

Those who perform these duties are called ,Archakas,Kurukkal,Bhattars,Poojaris,Pandits,Pandas… Strict rules are laid down for their lifestyle . They are ordained to carry out the duty of performing poojas in the temples. And this duty is hereditary.

Of this lot, Brahmin Deekshitas( Priests of Chidambaram Nataraja Temple) are unique in that Sri Siva is reported to have declared that He is the Devotee of these Priests,..such is their Bhakthi and dedication.The Deekshitas have the distinction of Conducting and Crowning the Chozhas!None else is accorded this privilege.

The Dikshithars might be traced back to the first line of Brahmanas who migrated to South India from the north, this migration happened as the result of the increasing spread of Jainism and Buddhism in the North.The establishment of MauryanSatavahana and Kadamba rule in South India also necessitated the movement of Brahmans into the new regions because these kingdom required trained ritualists. They are mentioned in the 12th century work, the Periyapuranam of Sekkizhar. They were originally the ritual arbiters of imperial legitimacy in the Chola Empire, ritually crowning successive monarchs. This honour was reserved only for rulers belonging to the Chola dynasty. When Kutruva Nayanar, a chieftain of Kalandai became very powerful as a result of his conquests, he requested the 3000 of Tillai to crown him as king of the Chola country but they declined saying that they would only crown a Chola and instead fled to the Chera country to escape his wrath.[4]

In order that he who conquered the world (Kutruvar) may not be bereft of a royal crown he requested the crowning services of the ancient three thousand servitor priests at Chidambaram (Thillai). Thereupon the priests refused the same saying that they are entitled to perform the ceremony only to the most deserving of the ancient clan of Sembiyars (Cholas). Having said this, they quit their dwelling to reach the hill country (Kerala) of the ancient Chera king.

– Periyapuranam.

The Dravidian parties have been targetting the Brahmin community and Hinduism, especially Temole administration. The Government has no locus standi, legally to enter or administer Temples, except in cases of proven malfeasance and under Court orders can only supervise or appoint a Fit person,The Government of Tamil Nadu has appointed Executive Officers to run the temple administration, which has been declared illegal by the High Court of Tamil Nadu.

There are 33,000( Thirty three thousand) Temples in Tamil Nadu..

The government has taken over all major temples.

Now it is targetting the Chidambaram Nataraja Temple.This temple is being run by the Deekshitas traditionally. They have been fighting the case and the State Government has lost the case. To harass them, the HR& CE ministry of Tamil Nadu has been pressurising them to have the temple accounts audited by the department,which is not legal .The Deekshitas refused.

To wreak vengeance on Deekshitars,the Government has picked up a child of six years stating under Child Marriages Act and conducted Two finger Virginity Test!

The Deekshitas are an endogenous group and they marry only among their clan, numbering 3000.

Now the news on this incident by the Governor of Tamil Nadu is below.

Regarding the two-finger test, Chandrashekhar said that the case was filed under Sections 16 and 17 of the Child Marriage Prohibition Act, with a maximum punishment of two years, and there was no need for an arrest.

“In these cases, the Dikshitars were arrested, and several banned examinations were made on the children, which were banned by the Supreme Court and Madras High Court. Specifically, in one instance, Tamil Nadu Police exceeded and violated the law laid down by the Supreme Court and also by the High Court and conducted a two-finger test on a victim child, which was not necessary for this particular offense,” he alleged.

Chandrashekhar said the police did so to convert the case and bring it under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. Chandrashekhar called it a case of human rights violation.

wikipedia on Deekshitars
Two Fingers Virginity Test For Six Year Brahmin Girl

As to be expected The Tamil Nadu Police chief has denied the report made by The Governor of Tamil Nadu.

The allegation in the media that due to vengeance, the Social Welfare department preferred a complaint against the Dikshitars and that two girls studying in class VI and VII were forcibly subjected to a two-finger test and also the latter attempted to commit suicide is contrary to truth,” the release said.

Apparently referring to the remarks recently made on the issue by Tamil Nadu Governor R N Ravi in a section of media, the police release said of the affected four underage girls, two were sent for medical examination by a woman doctor. “But they were not subjected to a two-finger test as alleged. Also, it is false to say the two girls attempted suicide. No such incident happened,” the release further said. PTI JSP JSP KH.

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Chidambaram.The Three Thousand Brahmins,called Thillai Vaazh Andhanar Moovayiravar, தில்லை வாழ் அந்தணர் மூவாயிரவர்,perform this ceremony and they would not perform this for anyone else. This is recorded in a eighteenth century painting in Chidambaram Nataraja temple.

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