Temple From Which Tsunami Backed Off Thiruchendur Subrahmanya

Lord Shiva and Subrahmanya,called as Murugan seem to date prior to Vedic period.

Tamil classics mention Shiva as

‘The Eldest of the unborn

பிறவா யாக்கைப் பெரியோன்

And Shiva is regarded as the Aadhi Yogi,the First Yogi,who taught Yoga to Patanjali and Bhoga.

Patanjali systematised Yoga in his Yoga Sutra from the Vaasi Yoga by Shiva.

Shiva is recorded as having presided the First Poets’s Conclave in Thenmadurai,which was located in Lemuria 230 Million Years ago.

Some state it was presided over by Agastya.

Shiva is credited with founding the Tamil language,along with Sanskrit.

For historical verification of these points,please read my articles by googling search term +ramanan50.

Lord Subrahmanya is the embodiment of Tamil, representing Tamil Grammar.

Murugan is considered as the God of Tamil and is Tamil.

Arupadai veedu.image.Arupadai Veedu.Six important temples of Subrahmanya

And the Thirumurukaatruppadai ,Sangam poem mentions Subrahmanya and this poetic work is on Subrahmanya.

Though it is dated around 3000 years ago, current dating of Poompuhar pushes the date of Sangam Literature back to about 16,000 years .

Though there are many temples for Lord Subrahmanya, six were classified as the Six Abodes that Channelize individuals to Godhood., Subrahmanya.





Pazhamudhircholai and


All are in Tamil Nadu.

One of these temples, Thiruchendur on the Eastern Coast of Tamil Nadu,India survived the Tsunami that struck Tamil Nadu.

Tsunami struck Tamil Nadu on 26 , December,2006.

The giant wave did not touch the temple and one could see it backing off, while it created havoc in the surrounding area.

the only major architecture in the area not to be damaged by the December 26, 2004, Indian Ocean tsunami? The waves destroyed everything around the temple but did not touch the temple itself. It is a fact many witnesses acknowledged...
A forum called Oceanographers.net contains a post in which a scientist claims to have solved the mystery. After research conducted at the site, the scientist discovered that the site’s geographic location had a major role to play in the safety of the temple from the waves. He noted that the location is such where even the tidal waves, which hit other parts of the city, do not touch, and that a natural elevation in the rocks broke the chain of the waves. But in the end the scientist did give credit to those who built the temple at the place for choosing the site properly and after a careful study.

A Scientific explanation?!

Reference and citation.


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