By Whom How Indian Texts Became Myths

Even when evidence from various sources like Archeological, Epigraphy, Linguistics, Stratification of earth, Geology,Plate tectonics , Thermal imaging of Rocks and from literature around the world cultures in different languages,it is a herculean task to prove that the ‘Myths’ tag attached to Indian texts, Puranas, Ithihasa and other ancient Indian texts.

Why is it so?

What is a Myth?

Myth is what is untrue.

Though many definitions are provided laboriously,the term Myth is from Sanskrit word, Mithya,which means ‘of illusory nature,an illusion’

Later this term was used to denote things which are untrue.

This term was conveniently used to denote things which you do not understand or belongs to a Culture,faith, civilisation which is older than Christianity.

Everything must be related to Christ,is the zeal of Christianity.

Thus we have this non sense of BC,of relating an event to the birth of Christ even though the event in question preceded Christ,causing confusion in dating.

When the Britishers found,to their chagrin,that the History of India to be quite ancient and was factual and one that ran contrary to Christianity, especially relating to the age of the Universe and Earth,and they needed a tool to bring in India under their rule.

They realised that the major stumbling block was Hinduism,which was the uniting factor of Indians.

They adopted some strategies.

1. Call Indian texts as Myths.

2. Infiltrate Hinduism in the guise of scholars like Maxmueller and destroy it cunningly,by misinterpret Hindu texts.

3.Offer inducements to converts Including money.

4. Pose as Literati and misinterpret Indian literature in Regional languages like Tamil.

5. Open free educational institutions.

6.Misguide the gullible by ‘Miracles’

7. Use Christian organisations in the garb of NGOS and convert.

Under the classification of calling Indian texts as Myths,they had the History of India published by James Mill who wrote the History of India from Britain without ever visiting India or reading Indian texts.

Mr.Mill & Mr. Grant classified these texts as Mythological on the following 4 grounds:

1. The events in these texts seemed to go before the

Date of creation of the earth as fixed by Father. James Usher as 9 AM, 23rd Oct, 4004 BCE.(Because According to Bible Earth is created 6000 years ago).

▪ If Earth is Created 6000 Years ago, How come Ramayana can happen 7000 years ago?.

▪ But Science has Now Proved that Earth is not 6000 years old, But it is Billions of Years old.

2. Early British Scholars Believed in Fake Aryan Invasion Theory

▪ Early British Scholars like Max-Muller, Martin-Luther King, Griffith etc Proposed Aryan Invasion Theory .’

I have articles with evidence that all these statements are lies.

Seemingly well qualified scientists and others dismiss India’s rich culture, History and the icons of India, Rama, Krishna,Shiva, despite being presented with astronomical archeological evidence.

Such is the entrenched misinformation by the British in their about 350 years of Rule of India.

If one were to look for information on India and Hinduism, references pop up written by Western Authors, most of them self-proclaimed Missionaries, starting from Robert De Nobili of Tamil Nadu, Bishop Caldwell, Max Mueller, right to our secular educated Indians.

It was by James Mill who wrote the First Book, ‘History of British India’ in 1806.

( His son John Stuart Mill was a great Western Philosopher)

“James Mill began his History of British India in 1806, expecting it to take him about three years, but its completion proved to take instead twelve years, with three substantial volumes at last being published early in 1817. The work was immediately successful among British imperialists and secured for Mill for the first time a degree of prosperity. It led, with the support of David Ricardo andJoseph Hume, to Mill’s appointment in 1819 in United_Kingdom as assistant (later chief) examiner of correspondence at the imperialEast India Company at an annual salary of £800. By 1836, when he died, this income had become £2,000”

5 responses to “By Whom How Indian Texts Became Myths”

  1. With due regards, I wish to say that the British didn’t rule over India for 350 years.East India Company was founded in 1600AD by Even if war of Plassey is taken as a starting point it happened in 1757,Thus at worst their rule could be of 190 years only.


  2. due regards, I wish to say that the British rule over India didn’t last for 350 years.East India Company was esteblished by a Royal Charter in 1600 AD.And Plassey war took place in 1757.And direct administration was taken over by Queen Victoria in 1858.Thus British rulelasted from 1858 to 1947 only.Even if War of Plassey is assumed to be the starting point of British rule then it lasted from 1757 to 1947 only that is at worst 190 years.350 years of British rule is historically incorrect.


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