Rama Sethu Adams Bridge Description Al Biruni and Foreign Historians.

I have written on Ramayan being history also Lord Rama being a historical figure.

I have provided proof based on,



Astro Archeology,

Indian and foreign literature,

Kings’ List of Sumeria which mentions Dasaratha,Rama and Bharatha as kings,

Rama’s Chapel in Ur, Iraq,

References in African legends where Rama tribe still exist,

References from Atlantis legends

And more.

Though Indian authors right from Kalidasa,Kalhana have been writing on Ramayana stating it is History, Indians tend to dismiss them because they are written by Indians!

So I am providing references from some foreign sources about the authenticity of Ramayana.

Will be sharing more.

Description by Al Biruni.

Next a great bay in which Single Dib lies, i.e. the island Sarandib (Ceylon). On the coast is Ummalnara, then Ramsher (Rameshar?), opposite Sarandib; the distance of the sea between them is 12 farsakh. Between Ramsher and Setubandha 2 farsakh. Setu Bandha means bridge of the ocean. It is the dike of Rama, the son of Dasaratha which he built from the continent to the castle Lanka. At present it consists of isolated mountains between which the ocean flows...

Al Biruni,1030 CE

Al – Biruni- 1030 CE

References to Ramayana by other foreign writers.

▪ Marco Polo- 1271 CE

▪ Ludovico de Varthema- 1470 CE

▪ Asiatic Society- 1799 CE

▪ William Fordyce Mavor- 1807 CE

▪ Charles O’Conor- 1819 CE

▪ A J Valpy- 1825 CE

▪ Arnold Hermann- 1833 CE

▪ William Yates- 1846 CE

▪ Thomas Horsfield- 1851 CE

▪ George Scharf- 1856 CE

▪ Clements Robert Markham- 1862 CE.

Reference and citation.


The above link provides a consolidated view on Ramayan being History from sources including http://www.ramanan50.wordpress.com.

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