Ancestors of Man Homo Sapiens Homo heidelbergensis From India

The history of India is very ancient, Purana.

The Ancient history is called Purana.

Unfortunately, Purana has come to mean today as Legends, Myths, thanks to foreign invaders and our own home grown species, Secularists.

A nation is doomed if it forgets its History.

What is taught in Indian institutions from Pre kg to Phd is total misinformation and disinformation.

If foreigners, Britishers, driven by Messianic zeal to convert Hindus to Christianity with the intention of ruling over India under Christianity as the bond, Muslim invaders had their eyes on India’ s wealth in temples and the demonic zeal to convert Hindus to Islam as dictated by their religion.

Secularists had their own visions of trying to project themselves as Humane and liberal and to showvoff they are the intelligentsia, having been educated abroad.

They forget or feign ignorance about the tolerance and the rich , scientific heritage of India.

I have personal experience of this.

When one of the readers, a young archelogist ,of this blog,after discussing with me and on my suggestion to dig in the spot of Kurukshetra for painted potteries was refused permission for a dig.

She called me frm Delhi archeology office

I was connected to the head of the department.

It happened that he is a regular reader of my blog.

He apologised to me for not granting permission to dig for he has oral instructions not to allow any new dig if the Dig is likely to result in findings that might result in dates before Christ!

I have been writing this blog since 2009, providing evidence about the antiquity of Hinduism and Bharatavarsha.

In the process, I found

A million year old advanced Tamil site near Chennai,

Poompuhar, Tamil Nadu is dated over 11000 years ago,

Thiruvannamalai is 3. 94 bilion years old, Thirupathi is 2100 million years old, Jwalapuram, Nataraja is 74000″years old,

Gobekli tepe temple, Turkey was built by Brahmins 11000 Years ago,

Natural Vishnu temple and Shiva temple are found

In Colorado, US, and many more.

I have also refuted the Aryan Invasion theory and showed that Tamil and Sanatana dharma are ancient and they go together.

Also I have shown that the out of Africa human migration theory to be incorrect and human migration was from the South of India.

I have also written on the fact that the most ancient DNA of Human is traced to Madurai,Tamil Nadu.

Now I have information that not only Himo Sapiens eviloved in India but Homo Sapiens’ ancestor also evolved from India.

The species Homo heidelbergensis (a proto human who was an ancestor of modern Homo sapiens) inhabited the sub-continent of India centuries before humans migrated into the region known as Europe. Evidence of the existence of Homo heidelbergensis was first discovered in Germany in 1907 and, since, further discoveries have established fairly clear migration patterns of this species out of Africa. Recognition of the antiquity of their presence in India has been largely due to the fairly late archaeological interest in the area as, unlike work in Mesopotamia and Egypt, Western excavations in India did not begin in earnest until the 1920’s CE.

Reference and citation.

Authored by, Joshua A. MARK

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