Bhuvarahaswamy Temple Near Melkote

India has about 800,000 Temples.

Thanks to Rationalists,(in India Rationalists are those who deny Hinduism and abuse only Hinduism,never open their mouths about Christianity or Islam),new temples are springing up ,not only in India but abroad.

There are two kinds.

One is basically a ruse to grab land( Christians and Muslims also indulge in this) by installing an Idol and as the visitors increase a temple /Church/Masjid is built.In the case of Islam,in lieu of Idol a green flag is installed initially.

The second one is built by Mutts, Religious Organisations.

Some of them are sanctified by Kumbabhisheka performed according to Agamas.

These are very few.

I normally visit temples referred to in ancient Sanskrit /Tamil Texts and over five hundred years old.

The power of a Temple is directly proportional to the sanctity of construction and the Mantras chanted.

At times on the recommendation of close friends ,I visit temples that have been built by Religious Organisations.

For instance,the Ayyappa Temple in Tiruchirapalli.

I had written on this.

One such temple I visited recently is the Sree Bhuvarahaswamy Temple, about thirty kilometers from Melkote, Karnataka.

This temple ,built by Madhwa organisation, is very beautiful and poojas are done properly.

The temple complex complex is under construction.

The Moolavar is Bhuvarahaswamy holding Bhudevi and it is a giant sized Vigraha.

Though the infrastructure is yet to improve, sanitation and parking facilities are available.

Free food is offered between twelve and one pm.

One response to “Bhuvarahaswamy Temple Near Melkote”

  1. I have been visiting this beautiful temple for many years. I believe that when the KRS lake started increasing the Moolavar was removed and a new temple was constructed. It is believed that any problems with land can be solved by prayers to Varaha Perumal. I and many people I know, have personally had this experience after visiting this divine place. This is a beautiful spot and the poojas are performed with great sincerity. The place is called Varahanatha Kallahalli and can be found on Googlemaps.


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