Eyes Glow Real Lakshnikantha Andal Hedthale Temple 16 Faced Hall


Such is the greatness of Andal,one of the twelve Azhwars,and the only woman,she evokes proximity to Godhood easily.

Though there are Sannadhis, separate sanctum for Andal in most of the Divya Kshetras,very little is known about Andal sanctum at Lakshmikanthaswamy temple at Hedthale,near Nanjangudu,near Mysuru, Karnataka,India.

Inverted Temple Tower Image in Temple Wall Pinhole Camera Virupaksha Hampi

Virupaksha Temple Hampi

Temple tank colour changes from white to black once in fourteen days,

Temple tank where one can not see the others taking bath in the opposite bank,

While the corridors are on par with outside temperature,one room is cooler,where there is no window or the ceiling higher than the other places in the temple.

Musical pillars,

I can keep on adding.

There is yet another Temple where the Gopuram,the temple tower’s Image is seen inside the temple wall in an inverted form.

Bhuvarahaswamy Temple Near Melkote

One is basically a ruse to grab land( Christians and Muslims also indulge in this) by installing an Idol and as the visitors increase a temple /Church/Masjid is built.In the case of Islam,in lieu of Idol a green flag is installed initially.

The second one is built by Mutts, Religious Organisations.

Some of them are sanctified by Kumbabhisheka performed according to Agamas.

These are very few.