Tantra  Forty One Devis Sixty Texts To Follow List

While there are four suggested ways to realize the Self/God, based on one’s disposition,there is yet another approach the goal of Life,Realization of Self.

This is based on the processes that evolved from following any of the four paths,Gnana,Karma,Raja and Bhakthi Yogas.

One must remember that the term Yoga means Union,that is the union of the individual self with the Universal Self.

Hence there is no question of debating which Yoga is superior.

One follows a Yoga that suits one’s disposition.

While following a Yoga, the processes might vary,though basics remain the same,the tools one develops as he goes along and the processes are as many as there are individual dispositions.

One such process that belongs to this categorization is Tantra.

Tantra finds a place in the Vedas,though they are not stated explicitly.

In Tantra one finds an amalgam of all four yogas.

And there are three processes to Realize self through Sound ,the fundamental principle of the Universe and Abstract Thought.


Yantra,Geometrical patterns to facilitate abstract thinking to still Chitta and

Tantra, an amalgam of all yoga and the above two.

The Tantra also uses physical senses to realize Self.

There are innumerable treatises on Tantra Shastra.

I have written on authentic texts to follow in Tantra.

Devi,Shanmugha,Lakshmi,Shiva,Bhairava are some of the Deities invoked.
I have written a few articles on Tantra ,detailing procedures,texts and Deities.

Lalitha Tripurasundari image.image
Lalitha Tripurasundari

As the subject is vast and complex , I keep updating.

Also, I do not write with a preset notion on what I write.

I write when I feel the urge,the topic presents itself and material pops up as it were.

I write, not that I know much, but I seem to get information at specific time.

It is since a year I wrote on Devised and Tantra.

A reader has been asking a specific intricate question on Tantra for the past year.

I hope I shall answer him through my articles in the present burst.

Hope he reads this article,though his specific query is yet to be answered here.

The Tantra Sastra,though deals with Deities with Form,in essence it is with Principles and Abstract Thought.

The symbolism is Jewel or Flame,Lustre.

These are expressions of experiences which can not be described.

The source for deatils is given below.

A scholarly site.


Now to the Central figures,

Central Figure

1. Jvalamukh! 2. Tripurasundarl 3. Kalika 4. Jat! 5. Jatinl 6. Jvalin! 7. 

Ten Petals - the ten flames or Jvalas 

8. Brahml 9. Ugratara 10. Bhadrakal! 11. Matang! 12. Kaumar! 13. 
Narasimh! 14. Kulakamin! 15. Varah! 16. Durga 17. Sambhavl 

Eight Petals - the Eight Maidens 

18. Maya 19. Baindavesvarl 20. Mrdan! 21. Bhlrunda 22. Bhagavasa 23. 
Bhagarupin! 24. Bala 25. Mohini 

Sixteen Petals - the sixteen flames or Jvalas 

26. Varum 27. Krt! 28. Karun! 29. Kucar! 30. Kunta 31. Kumbhesvarl 
32. Kunt! 33. Kuhu 34. Kutila 35. Kutsita 36. Kunth! 37. Kulika 38. 
Kuvar! 39. Kulasundar! 40. Varah! 41. Vatyal! 

Earth Square 

42. Vasuki 43. Narasimha 44. Ganesa 45. Dharmaraja 46. Dadhisamudra 47. 
Lavanasamudra 48. Sudhasamudra 49. Kslrasamudra 50. Plthatrayasana 51. 
Rudrabjaplthasana 52. Savasana 53. Padmasana 54. Dispelling fear 55. 
Granting boons 56. Arrow 57. Holding lotus 

DS Daksinamurti Samhita 

J Jnanarnava Tantra 

N Nityotsava 

YoH YoginI Hrdaya 

SN Srlnathanavaratnamalika 

Gu Guhyakallkakhanda 

KT Kalltantra 

KaT Kankalamalinltantra 

Nir Niruttaratantra 

GuS Guptasadhanatantra 

SSP Siddhasiddhantapaddhati 

Yo Yogavisaya 

AKu Akulavlratantra 

Kula Kulanandatantra 

JK Jnana Karika 

BT Brhannllatantra 

Ta Tararahasya 

BrT Brhat Tantrasara 

S Saktanandatarangini 

De Devlrahasyatantra 

Me Merutantra 

YoT Yoginltantra 

RuY Rudrayamala 

KDh Kamadhenutantra 

MV Malinlvijayottaratantra 

NT Netratantra 

UT Uddamaresvaratantra 

KC Kulacudamanltantra
   MaK Mahakalasamhita
KiY Kiss of the Yogini 
MT Matrkabhedatantra 
Ga Gandharvatantra 
Ta Tantrarajatantra 
NiS Nityasodasikarnava 
VT Vamakesvaratantra 
KJN Kaulajnananirnaya 
ORC Obscure Religious Cults 
YoV Yogavija 
Kar Karunamaya 

DeR Devlrahasyatantra 
MeT Merutantra 
YoT Yoginltantra 
RT Rudrayamalatantra 
HTS Hindu Tantric and Sakta Litera- 

SaS Sakti and Sakta 
PR Pancaratraraksa 
LT Laksmltantra 
TAB The Alchemical Body 
Sau Saundaryalahari 
KP Kalikapurana 
KV Kaulavalmirnaya 
PoT Principles of Tantra 
GaV GanesavimarsinI 
WGK Worship of the Goddess accord- 
ing to the Kalikapurana 
SS Siva Sutras 

SVA Shri Vilakshan Avadhoot 

ST Saradatilaka 

TT Todalatantra 

GoL The Garland of Letters 

MaN Mahanirvanatantra

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