Mantra Yantra For Series Of Problems Avoid Divorce Save Marriage

I have written quite a few articles on various problems one faces in Life and  published time tested Mantras from The Vedas and from slokas.

Many Readers have been contacting me over phone an also by email informing me that they have been relieved of the problems.

This I attribute to their faith and their strict adherence to procedures laid down as explained in the relevant articles.

There are as many number of problems as there are human beings and as many situations, many of which are not in our control.

Sometimes One faces a series of problems for no fault of their own and they can not explain the cause.

And these problems arise one after another or at times simultaneously.

I have faced similiar situations in Life and to me it was Devi Abhirami who saved me.

There is one more issue people face to day.

That is, the issue of Divorce.

At times, though either one or both the parties do not wish to procedd with Divorce proceedings the process looms large.

This assumes serious proportions if one party does not want to go with the process.

It is very easy to say to get out of a relationship and look for a new one.

Unfortunately mind is not compartmentalised and despite what we may say we are still ruled by heart , though it appears that we are ruled by Mind and Logic.

One can not wish away the past.

This is not to say that one should not divorce at all.

There are mitigating circumstances and one has no othe alternative but to go in for Divorce.

In such cases one must go in for Divorce.

In other cases I have stated above , if one is not really intent and. wishes to save the marriage there is a Mantra and Yatra Pooja which I camy chance while enquiring with learned people.

Though there are many mantras, I have written about some of them , ther is the Matsya Yanra Pooja which is very effective in overcoming marital disharmony prvent divorce and ensures cordial relationship in the Family.

This Matsya Yantra Pooja is also one of the most effective remedies for succession og problems which are unforeseen and inexplicable.

Please chant the following Mantra if fron of the Yantra daily for 45 days, in the mornings after bath.

Begin ona shukla Paksha,Waxing Moon, Chaturthi,Panchami, Shasti or Sapthami, 4, 5 ,6 or the seventh day after New Moon.

Naivedya, offering to God, is Honey or Dryfruits.

On the concluding day feed the poor at your convenience.

Ensure that you Pray your Family deity seeking permission.

The Yantra.

Matsya Yantra.Image
Matsya Yantra.

This may be drawn in copper or you may draw it with Rice flour on a wodden plank daily.

Palce Sandalwood paste and Kumkum on the corners of the Yantra and also at the centre.

Adorn the Yantar with flowers.

Chant the mantra provided 108 times a day.

The Yantra may be place facing east.

The Matsya Gayatri to be chanted.

Tath Pusushayaa Vidmahe Maha Meenaya Dheemi,

Thanno Vishnu Prochodhayaath’


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  1. Pls suggest mantra and puja for overcoming fear of mind, removing obstacles in work, and succeeding at work place.
    I have written a mail to you as well
    Pls reply.


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