Regain Lost Status Position Thiruppanjeeli Shiva

I have found,during my research into the so-called legends/stories(?) In Hinduism ,that the persons/events narrated in totally different contexts check out to be facts.


For example the 196 places visited by Lord Rama checks out when one hears the local legends and temple histories.

One such is the Temple at Thiripaingeli, about 20 km from Thiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India.

Shiva In Thiruvannamalai.

Thirukkadavur , Tamil Nadu where Lord Shiva stripped Yama , the God of Death, of post to save His( Shiva) Devotee Markandeya who was destined to die at the age of 16, from Death, is also the Abode of Goddess Abhirami.
Now that the God of Death is stripped off his power to take away Lives as determined by Fate, how can people die?
The answer lies in Thirupaingeli, where Lord Shiva restored God of Death, Yama’s post so that the affairs of the world could continue.
In Hinduism, though it is stressed that even God can not change Fate,which is dtermined by one’s actions, there areinstances where God seems to interfere to shower His Blessings on His Devotee.
Again if one were to check the Puranas, one shall find a justification for this interfetence.
Seeming contradictions are lost in the larger scheme of things in the Universe.
In this case to create an Immortal to spread Dharma.
This temple is about 25 km from Srirangam, 23 km from Thiruchirapalli and is Just 6 km from Thiruvellarai ,where there is Temple built by Lord Rama’s ancestor Sibi Chakravarthi.
These two temples lie in the same route.
Buses bound for Thanjavur pass through Thiruvellarai.
One has to have either provate transport or engage an auto from Thiruvellarai.
This might cost Rs 150 to 200 to go to Thiruppaingeli and back to Thiruvellarai.
Buses are available at frequent intervals from Thiruchirapalli to Thanjavur or from Srirangam.
As this is the place where Yama regained his position, one may worship Shiva here to regain their lost their position,job and status.
‘Gneli, means Plantain tree.
It is a special plantain tree called Kalvaazhai, barren plantain.
There are a couple of huge plantain trees in a separate enclosure in the temple.
Legend has it and people who have followed it, assert that if a boy or unmarried girl performs parihara in the form of tying Thasli or Mangal Sutra to the tree their marriage plans shall fructify.
They have to do this and worship Shiva as Sotruvana Natha(one who is amidst a forest of Food).
This parihara is being performed everyday between 8 am and 12 noon.
There is also the interesting idol of Somaskandha along with Yama and Shiva in the Sanctum
This is quite rare.
Devi is called Thirupaingeli Amman.
The nearest airport is Tiruchirapalli.
Railway station Tiruchirapalli and Srirangam.
‘ There is Rathina Sabha in this temple also like Chidambaram. One time, Viyakirapatha munivar and Pathanjali Munivar went to Kailasam to see Shiva’s dance, that time shiva told, go to Chidambaram, there I will give my Nataraja Darshan. As per shiva’s words, they went to Chidambaram, Shiva gave his darshan to them on the day of thaipoosam. By hearing this incident, Vasista Munivar asked Shiva, “When I will see this Darshan in Chidambaram?” Shiva told him, “I will give Nataraja Dharshan to you in Gneelivanamagiya Thirupangneeli”. As per that, Shiva gave Nataraja Dharshan to Vasista Munivar in Rathina Sabha of this temple. …
Vayu Bhaghvan and Adiseshan had a dispute to find out who is superior, to prove the superiority adiseshan encircled the Kailasam, Vayu tried to remove this encircle by creating santamarutham (Twister). Because of the santamarutham, 8 kodumudigal (parts) fell from kailasam into 8 different places which are Thirugonamalai, Thirukalahasti, Thiruchiramalai, Thiruenkoimalai, Rajathagiri, Neerthagiri, Ratnagiri, and Suwethagiri. In this Suwethagiri is called as Thirupangeeli. Because this place came from Kailasam, it is called as Thenkailasam in Tamil.
To give boon to Markendaya to live forever, Shiva killed Yamadharman in Thirukadaiyur. Since yama died, people started living without death, world became over populated, there was no poojas in temple, all caste people forgot their duties, Bhoomadevi (Bhoodevi) codn’t bear the weight, entire world started suffering. But, Poojas were happening in only Thirupangeeli temple and no issues here. So Mahavishnu, Bramha, Bhoomadevi, and Shiva disciples all came to this temple and worshipped & requested Shiva to give Birth to yama. As per their prayer, Shiva gave rebirth to yama through pilathuvaram on the day of Thaipoosam. Shiva gave power to yama again, so he also called Adikaravallavar. (In Tamil, athikaram means power.)

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  1. Sir,
    We went there after reading one article wherein in this temple one visit to get over fer of death. and some doing marriage to Kal vazha tree as parikaram.
    thank you
    yours sincerely.V.Padmanabhan


    • Since Yama is with yama with Shiva some go there to get rid of Fear over death. But tradition has it for fear of death Thirukkadavur and Srivanchiyam are recommended. This temple is mainly for regaining regaining lost status and marriage issues.


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