Horoscope Casting Child Name Letters

Predictions based on the basis of Horoscope depend on two things.

1.The accurate time of Birth.

2.The Knowledge base and the disposition of the Astrologer.

SanthanGopala.jpg SanthanGopala,Who grants the Prayer for begetting child

Normally we do not get the accurate time of Birth.There is a time gap between the exact time of birth and the time we note it down.

The message often varies and the Doctor may not have taken the time accurately as he is concerned more with safe delivery.

The astrologer’s knowledge content is vital as Astrology is a highly complex subject and it takes years to obtain proficiency.

Jyotisha, Astrology is a Limb of the Vedas, Vedanga.

It is accurate if the time and the knowledge and interpretation of the stronger sync.

And the disposition of the astrologer is important.

When one decides to take Astrology as a profession, the element of Money creeps in, just as it has happened in the case of Veda Teaching.

One imparts what is sweet to the Hearer and what is most beneficial to the Astrologer,monetarily.

There are still good dedicated people practicing Astrology in a spirit of Curiosity and a way to enrich their Knowledge.

They do not expect Money, they are content if you offer anything.

Those are the people who are to be consulted.

Normally the Horoscope is to be cast for the Child only on the day of the First Birth day, at the close of the Ayush Homa..

Horoscope must not be cast earlier.

The Nakshra and Rasi may be noted to name the child.

There are three names given to a child.

1.Sarman- the name of the Family Deity for the First child, paternal Grandfather/Mother’s name for the second.

This is to e used while performing poojas, archanas and Abhivadanam.

2.The second name is for daily use.This can be any thing so long as it is auspicious in sound and meaning.

3.The Nickname the child is to be called y the people.

I have posted articles on How to Name a Child  and on Ayush Homa.

To cast a Horoscope, follow this Link.


Have the Horoscope made out just before Ayush Homa.

You may note the Nakshatra and Raasi before Punyahvachan.

Horoscope is to be prepared only just before Ayush Homa.

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