Difference Between Viswamitra Kaushika Gotras Why No Bharata

I have noticed that there are two Gotras, Lineage associated with Sage Viswamitra.


Gotras in general, refer to the lineage of a specific Rishi.

Gayathri . Gayatri Mantra was  By Viswamitra.jpg Gayathri . Gayatri Mantra was By Viswamitra.

It is customary for Ancient Indian writers to refer either to parents or their preceptor/s, as they were placed in a Higher Status than parents,.

Thus we have the parent,Grand parent referred to in Slokas and Stuthis.

Vyaasam Vasishta Napthaaram, Sakthe Pauthra Kalmasham,

Parasaraathmajam Vande Sukha Naadham Thapo Nidhim-Vishnu Sahasra Naama.

Here the author Vyasa introduces himself as,,

Great Grand son of Vasishta,

Grand son of Sakthi,

Son of Parasara, and

Father of Sukha.

How logically the terms are arranged.

Great Grand Father, Grand Father, Father, Self and son!

In case where the Sages had more than one wife, then the Gotra of the son of each wife is added.

It may be noted in the Pravara,three or Five Rishis are mentioned.

For example, Kasyapa, Apasthara, Naithruva’

This is different from Kasyapa Gotra.

There is another Pravara for Kasyapa Gotra as well.

Kasyapa, Aavatsaara, Daivala.

The same with the other Rishis.

Sometimes three Rishis are mentioned and at times Five.


One view is that these references are to the excellent ancestors from the Gotra.

My view is that , if that be case the first Rishi should always be the founder.

But , as in Nythruva Kasyapa, Kasyapa does not appear as the First Rishi but it is Naithruva.

Reason is that many Rishis have more than one wife and many children through each of them.

Kasyapa had more than one wife.

The Prajapati Daksha gave his thirteen daughters (Aditi, Diti, Kadru, Danu, Arishta, Surasa, Surabhi, Vinata, Tamra, Krodhavasha,Idā, Vishva and Muni in marriage to Kashyapa.

Though the Father is one, mother is different.

To identify and emphasize the differentiate, the three or Five Rishis are mentioned.

Traditionally the first wife’s son carries the Father’s name as Gotra and the others the son of the Second or third wife and but to make the reference correct the founder is mentioned later in the Pravara’

Why No Bharata in Viswamitra Gotra?

In the case of Viswamitra, we have two Pravaras,

  1. Koushika: Vaiswaamitra,Aghamarshana,Koushika.
  2. Viswamitra: Vaiswaamitra,Devaraata, Owtala.

There seems to be no sons mentioned  other than the fifty sons being banished by Viswamitra to Dravida Desa.

(Reference History of Tamils by PT Srinivasa Iyengar)

Their descendant Apasthamba established the Apasthamba Sutra , which is being followed by Brahmins of South India(South of Vindhyas).

Since the Dravidians and Bengalis were considered by the people  viswamitra do not find a mention in the Gotra,

Though King Bharata after whom India is named as Bharatavarsha,is the grand son of Viswamitra(through his daughter Shakuntala), Bharata’s name does not appear in the Gotra because Gotras are through the Male Child.

Why Two Pravaras for Viswamitra?

Viswamitra was called Kaushika in his early days , before he became a Raja Rishi and was christened as Viswamitra(Friend of the Universe)

Because he became a Brahma Rishi he was considered as a Brahmin by behaviour and Penanance.

( This is yet another example of disposition and character determing The Varna, loosely translated as Caste)

So the Kaushika Gotra probably indicates the lineage of Viswamitra in his early days and Viswamitra Gotra , after he became a Raja Rishi.

I am yet to find the name of Viswamitra’s son.

Readers may contribute.

Post follows on Viswamitra.

17 Replies to “Difference Between Viswamitra Kaushika Gotras Why No Bharata”

  1. Sri Ramanan, Thanks for this interesting post. Here’s an article i had written few yeara ago on Gayatri Mantra – https://www.indiadivine.org/power-gayatri-mantra/.
    I too am also from the Kaushika Gotra though i learnt to appreciate our vedic heritage and family tree history a bit late.
    By the way, Chathrapathi Shivaji, the Maraatha king – i read somewhere, belongs to Viswamitra kaushika Gotra. It is rumored that Gayatri Mantra rights was sold to an european company. If true, very sad truly Kaliyuga has come of age. Regardless of that, Devi will protect if invoked sincerely. Thanks.


  2. what about brahmins from Nepal? Do you have any information ….


  3. Hello Mr. Ramanan, great post sir. My family belongs to Kaushika gothram as well. Based on some elders of my family, what you seem to have said is all that we know as well in common knowledge! Viswamitra was one rishi who was originally born in kaushika gotra. But after he started penancing, he became a rishi and then later brahma rishi..Viswamitra gotra could have branched off from kaushika gotra.

    The other view could be that kaushika and viswamitra are one and the same. not just a similarity.

    Another curious question to me which comes to me is that, then aren’t viswamitra gotra people essentially kshatriyas then by ancestry? (my family was never in the priestly profession as far as we can trace, they were zamindars in tanjavur district)

    some traits/names common with the kaushika gotra families is naming their kids kaushik or kaushika. Naming their house or jewel box Kausthubam after lord vishnu’s ornament.



    1. There is only one Viswamitra.
      Kshatriyas do have Viswamitra Gotra. I have seen people offering Archana by this gotra.
      As to your ancestors having been Zamindar it is perfectly possible.
      Point is that at one point of time Brahmins had a lot of Lands assigined to them by Kings, right form Rajaraja( Chaturvedi Mangalam in Thanjavur dist is one such) and in addition to basic dutie sof Brahmins were also engaged in Agriculture through the Workers.Over a period of time, most of us have left the Brahmana duty of Purohitham and took other professions.My maternal gradfather owned a Village near Pazhani.!


      1. South Indian especially TAMIL SPEAKING BRAHMINS don’t have the inquisitiveness to analyse anything but more relying on the PURANAS HANDED OVER FROM VIJAYANAGAR EMPIRE. You please go through GAUD SARASWATH BRAHMINS OF BENGAL. As per their reckoning KULAM is completely different from normally understood by PEOPLE OF TAMIL SPEAKING BRAHMIs but more in liasion with Non Brahmins of Tamilnadu. Kulam denotes all categories of people having one common deity known as KULA DEVATHA which can only be a FEMALE GODDESS. GAUD SARASWAHT BRAHMINS has classifed KULAMS as NINETYSIC comprising all communities having KULA DEVATHA AND CORRESPONDING GOTHRAS which includes all communities. You please go through NINETY SIX KUNBHIS of Maratas which is in consonance with GAUD SARASWATH BRAHMINS ACCOUNT. The Ninetysix clans were very prominet in KADAMBA AND CHALUKYA inscriptions and compare with NIENTYSIX ARMED DIVISIONS OF PARANTHAKA CHOLA. in Karnataka comparising of TULU AND MALABAR OF KERALA Kadambas have exte nsive rule and they formed military academies and called themselves BRAHMATHIRAJAS misclassified as BRAHMINS. Actually they were BRAHMAKSHATRIYAS following SRI PARASURAMA’S KALPA SUTRAS giving prominence to SHKTHAM–compare with LORD PARASURAM PERFORMING RAKTHA THARPANAM mentioned in SANGA LITERATURE identified as PARANI AND MARAKALA VELVI. The AIHOLE INSCRIPTIONS OF NANA THISAI AYIRATHU NOORUVAR says they were having sixteen GHATIKAS THIRTYTWO NAGARAMS SIXTY FOUR VELAMS BESISDES PATHINENBHOOMIYAR i.e., ninetysix divisions beisdes pathinenbhoomi. probably the KADAMBAS would have adopted it from NAGAS and according to RAJASTHAN CRONICLES there were five kinds of KSHATRIYAS–BRAHMA/SURYA/SOMA/AGNI AND NAGA VAMSHIS. most of the Brahmins of North India are either Naga Brahmins or Brahmakshatriyas and Lord Parasuram was their main diety. NANDAS/MAURYAS/SUNGAS/KANWAS/KADAMBAS/CHALUKYAS/MARAN KARI OF VELVIKUDI GRANT/SIRUTHONDAR/KUMUDAVALLI WIFE OF THIRUMANGAI MANNA/PALUVETTRAIYARS/SAMBURVARIAYARS/MALAYAMANS all are BrahmaKshatriyas. That is why there is still confusion about St.Purandaradasa who is termed as NAIK AS WELL AS NAIK TERMS FOR MARATHAS AND MARATTA RAHMINS. In recednt years SWAMI VIVEKANANDA AND ST.VALLAR NELONG TO SRI KARUNEEGAR who are BrahmaKshatriyas. Most of the puranas were compiled during VIJAYANAGAR PERIOD FROM KARNATAKA AND MARATTA SOURCES where difference between BrahmaKshatriyas and Brahmins is thin. Let us not confuse Shri Viswamithra and Sri Kaushika. How can descendents of SRINKAUSHIKA DESCENDENTS OF MANASA PUTRA OF BRAHMA–KUSHIKA whose illustriious descendents–SHRI KATHA MAHARISHI/SHRI KATYAYANA AND SRI KAUSHIKI who became a river be KSHARIYAS. I belong to Kaushika Gothr aand I am dead sure my RISHIS were never Kshatriyas but would have given up PUROHIT DUTIES. The Vijayanagar brought a complete change in social set up and only during their rule most of the communities have given up their preceptors and hence GOTHRA of their preceptors. The analysis is unwarranted


  4. Gayathri manthram was not the creation of sage vishwamithra.It is created byLORD BRAHMA. Vashshta Vamadevadhi Vandhyaai namaha is a nama in Gaythri sahasranama. Viswamithra meditated on Gayathri and attained Brahmagnanam.VIASWAMITHRA VARAPRADHAYAI NAMAHA is another namam. Viswamithra vashista sabha vimochana manthras pray Gayathrimatha to extricate sadahas from the curses of the rishis for the full efficacy for chanting the manthra

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True. I have mentioned that in the Post Did the Rishis write the Vedas?Viswamitra reveale it to the world.Thanks,


  5. I belong to KAUSHIKA GOTHRA. I still doubt about the concept of BRAHMARISI. Even Sage Vashista as per Mahabharatha is different from BRAHMARISHI VASHISTA.. It is better not to write articles on this for the following reasons. It is a well known fact the PROGENITOR OF BOTH VISWAMITHRA AND KAUSHIKA GOTHRAS is SAGE KUSHIKA –A MANASA PUTHRA OF BRAHMA. hen how can be descendents of KUSHIKA NOT BE CALLED AS BRAHMARISHIS. Further sage Kaushika is one of the five rishis eligible to givE DEEKSHA IN SIVAGAMAS and ne of the FIVE GOTHRAS NOMINATED FOR ACHARYASTHANA. There are different versions about GADHI–THE BRAHMA RAJAN OF KUSHIKA GOTHRAS. As per DEVI MAHATMAYAM he is son of SAGE KATHA OF KUSHIKA LINEAGE and he is mentioned as KADI BROTHER OF KAUSHIKI WHO BECAME A RIVER. Further GODDESS PARVATHI WAS BORN AS A DAUGHTER TO SGE KATHA AS KATHYAYINI. And there is also anoter sage KATHYAYANA son of KATHA RISHI the famous author of KATHYAYANA SUTRA. It is only from RAMAYANA the story of VISWAMITHRA BEGINS. Here the son of KATHA SAGE is mentioned as GADHI AND NOT KATHI. Further the descendents of SAGE KUSHIKA did not want o become purohits and performed RAJAYA DUTIES. They are not born KSHATRIYAS since they did not belong to five clans of KSHATRIYAS–BRAHMA/NAGA/SURYA/SOMA/AGNI VAMSAS. Hence to consider all descendents of KAUSHIKA is incorrect bu they were only Brahmins performing Rjanya duties. Let us restrict ourselves about VIWAMITHRA’S CONTRIBUTION and need not go about whether he is a KSHATRIYA OR NOT.

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  6. Mr. Ramani,
    Can u tell me which Gothram is superior top most. (Iyer) .


    1. There is complete misconception about PURANIC STORIES. unfortunately from the time SHRI MADHWACHARYA wrote his magnum opus MAHABHARATHA TATHPRYANIRNAYA our puranas are studies through glasses of MAHABHARATHA/BHAGAVATHAM AND RAMAYANA and then through MAXMULER’S VIEWS o SAYANA BASHYA. This is a sad reflection. let us leaves PURANAS to concept and meddle with history. For example the term PRAJAPATHI denote a separate meaning. If we look through glasses of history it will only be dark. Sage KASHYAPA OF NITHRUPA KASHYAPA GOTHRA is different from KASHYAPA PRAJAPATHI different from THE FATHER OF MARICHI FATHER OF VIVASWAN FATHER OF VAIVASWATHA MANU. Let us not mingle everything. There cannot be one and only KASHYAPA father of INDRA as well as grandfather of SURYA. Even in the case of DAKSHA PRAJAPATHI there is problem with pronouncemet–THAKSHA AND DAKSHA–one PRAJAPATHI having twentyseven daughters married to SOMA AND DAKSHAYANI marrried to LORD SHIVA and another prajapathi having twenty seven daughters married to KASHYAP PRAJAPATHI.. Let us take PURANAS as such and should not link with hisotry. This is aslo the case with SAGE KUSHIKA. As per RIGVEDIC HYMNS SAGE VISWAMITHRA was the preceptor of TURVASU–OF YADU LINEAGE and nothing is referred about SAGE KUSHIKA OR OF RAMAYANA GHADI. further as per RIG VEDIC HYMNS AGASTHYA AND SAGE VASHISTA WERE BRON OF KUMBH LINKING WITH MITHRAVARUNA. Thus the concept of BRAHMA RISHI is completely in RIG VEDIC HYMNS. Further RIG VEDIC HYMNS represent YADU CLAM only and thus compeltely represent different plance. We should mix RIG VEDIC HYMNS AND REFERENCE IN VARIOUS PURANAS and try to find out timeline. IT WILL BE FUTILE. LET US RESPECT PURANIC STORIES BY NOT ALIGNING WITH CONTEMPORARY BELIEFS OR VEDIC HYMNS AND TRACE HISTORY. ONLY CONFUSION WILL EXIST.


      1. I find your articles stress more on MAHABHARATA/BHAGAVATHAM/RIG VEDIC HYMNS AS UNDERSTOOD BY WESTERN SCHOLARS THROUGH THE EYES OF SAYANA BHASHYA and finally RAMAYANA. I find that it is amazing to observe from your articles that the entire world race is made up of YADU VAMSA. It is the usual notion of all INDIA CENTRIC SCHOLARS FROM INDOLOGY SCHOLARS TO SRIN.S.RAJARAM TO DR.S.KALYANARAMAN. I completely differ from this propositions. All the theologists ignore one point–the ANNALS OF RAJASTHAN. The Rajasthan Rajputs derive authority from five vamsas–SURYA/SOMA/AGNI/NAGA/BRAHMA. The last one is the most important. The so called Brahmin kings are not Brahmins but from Brahma vamsa and call themselves as BRAHMAKSHATRIYAS–taking clue from legend of PARASURAMA. For most of the BHUMIHARS IN BIHAR AND UP LORD PARASURAM is the main DEITY AND UP GOVERNMENT UNDER MAYAVATHIJI CLEBRATED LORD PARASURAM JAYANTHI. The concept of BRAHMAKSHATRIYAS is prevalent hroughout the world. THE GRANDMASTER TEMPLARS OF CRUSADES were BRAHMAKSHATRIYAS. There is still mystery about SETTLEMENT BETWEEN SALADDIN/JUSTININ-BYZANTINE EMPEROR AND GRANDMASTER TEMPLARS and it is no secret that the TEUTONIC KNIGHTS spread over EUROPE and the kingdoms of EUROPE were from GRANDMASTER TEMPLARS only and famous DA VINCI CODE highlighted the belief of SECRET SOCIETY OF FREE MASON waging war with PAPACY AND ISLAM. However the concept of BRAHMAKSHATRIYAS is from the early days. The KADAMBAS/CHALUKYAS/SATAVAHANAS/PALLAVAS all belong to the clan sporting GOTHRAS. The NANDAS/SUNGAS/KANWAS AND THE ANDHRAN DYNASTIES also belong to this clan. in Tamilnadu SIRUTHONDAR/MARAN KARI/SATTAN GANAPATHI OF VELVIKUDI GRANT/KUMUDA VALLI THE WIFE OF THIRUMANGAI MANNA all belong to this clan. Probably even PALUVETTARAIYAR/SAMBUVARAIYAR/MALAYAMAN who sport GOTHRA in inscriptions belong to this clan. In Karnataka they were known as BRAHMADHIRAYAS. the Brahma Marayas are different from Brahmathirajas. In early CHOL and late Pallava inscriptions the BRAHMATHIRAYAS are transliterated as PERUMANADIYARAIYAR. BRAHMAmeans PERUMAN. The Karnatak inscriptions highly speaks about NINETYSIX BRAHMATHIRAYAS ALIAS MUMMUDI DANDANAYAKAS and even now MARATHAS fall under Ninetysix sub divisions. They formed the backbone of CHOLA ARMY–NINETYSIX MOONRUKAIMAHASENA. After the collapse of IMPERIAL POWER they became KAYASTHAS IN WEST BENGAL AND SEER KARUNEEGAR IN TAMILNADU(SEERKARUNEEGAR IS THE ONLY TAMIL SPEAKING NON BRAHMIN COMMUNITY SPORTING BRAHMIN GOTHRS). It is not a coincidence that SRI VALLALAR AND SWAMI VIVEKANANDHA belong to this clan. The descendents of MAHARISHIS were Brahmins while the same cannot be said about Kshatriyas since they were third or fourth generation of a MAHARISHI.Let us LEAVE GOTHRAS as such. The concept of KSHATRIYAS is vague and linking with MAHARISHIS can only be in contradiction. Similarly we have to accept the concept of BRAHMAKSHATRIYAS but to trace the history is futile and will create confusion.Let us shed this concept of vivisection of GOTHRAS and link it with histotry. Lastly JAINISM recognsed only three varnas–KSHATRIYAS/VAISHYAS/SHUDRAS and most of the kings were JAINS only and hence the concept of Brahmins and Kshatriyas is still shrouded in mystery and there could be mo satisfactory explanation. Let us restrict ourself to ou individual family history and not extrapolate to five thousand years history.


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