Who Is a Hindu FAQs Hinduism.

I have written a few posts on Hinduism,Indian Philosophy.

Questions arising out of these posts are being answered by me in the comments column.

Apart from the questions in the blogs ,I have been receiving questions at my email and I have been replying them.

One of our readers suggested I start a Post devoted to questions and answers in Hinduism.

I will try to answer some frequently asked questions on Hinduism .

1.Who is  a Hindu?

The Religions of the world have minimum requirement expected of,  to be a part of a Religion.

Islam,’Belief in Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger”

Christianity,’Belief in Christ as the Saviour,

Buddhism, ‘Faith in Buddha’,

Jainism,Belief in Sakya Muni’

Judaism,’Faith in The Talmud’

Hinduism does not have any of these conditions.

Hindu Texts rather the Wisdom of the Hindus,are open to Humanity-there are no written texts, all thoughts have been transmitted by the word of Mouth.

There are no restrctions.

There is, in fact, no single text is ordained to be followed.

One can have any faith and be still a Hindu.

Atheism is also recognised as a faith.

Gross materialism is also a faith.

India has Carvakas who deny the existence of God and do not believe in the Vedas.

The utmost Hinduism prescribes is that one has to follow the Vedas.

Even if you do not follow thje Vedas, you can still be a Hindu.

When you do not follow the Vedas , you are called a Nastika, one who Denies.(Denying the authority of the Vedas.

On this basis , Buddhism and Jainism are called Nasika andd yet are considered a part of Hinduism.

Then who is a Hindu?

Hinduism , as Doctor Radhakrishnan says.’is not a view of Life ,but a way of Life’

It lays down certain rules which, people have found out, are for the welfare of the Individual, both materially and spiritually. and the Society.

If one follows them it is for his good,if not’No comment’.

In the Bhagavad Gita which consists of 700 slokas, Lord Krishna, after explaining  the Indian Thoughts to Arjuna, asks Arjuna whether all his doubts are cleared.

Arjuna replies that all his doubts are cleared and his mind is Free from Confusion.

Krishna then informs him, in the 664th Sloka!

‘I have explained to you the secret of all secrets, Now you follow aht you think as Best for You!’,

He does not say ‘you have to follow this, else you will be doomed to Hell”

In the Ramayan, Lord Rama discusses with Jabali, a well known Atheist and a Charvaka, explains to him the Concept of Dharma and Duty.

Please read my post on this.

Another curious fact is that the Hindu Gods are not above the Cosmic Law.

Once born, they Die and they face the consequences of their actions.

Lord Rama killed Vali. hiding behind a Tree and he was killed by a Hunter surreptitiously during the Krishnavatar.

Laksmana served Lord  Rama during Ramayana  and Lord Rama , in His Avatar as Krishna, served Balarama, an incarnation of Laksmana(both Lakshman and Balram were the Avatars of Adi Sesha, Lord Vishnu’s Bedroll,Snake!

Lord Krishna helped Draupadi when she was being stripped in Public because she had helped Lord Krishna earlier. when he was in need of a Cloth to hide his Nudity!

Such are the Cosmic Laws that even Gods, once born , have to obey and suffer the consequences of their actions, good or Bad.

Then who is a Hindu?

And Who is Not?

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