Rape By Indian Army Hides Behind AFSPA Amend

While the country seems to heave a sigh of relief on the promulgation of an ordinance  amending rape Law in India, people do not seem to be aware of the rape by The Indian Army, especially in the North East.

Hiding behind Army’s impunity and specially under AFSPA(Armed Forces Special Powers Act), the army never discloses authentic statistics and action take on these rape case, despite vociferous protests from the north East.

Nor does the media cover it in detail, in fact North East News does not coveage atall unless there is incursion by the Chinese or Bangladesh!

For them rape in Delhi is more important than that!

AFSPA is all right.

But what prevents the Army in being transparent on Rape issues, as though it will impinge on its and The nation’s Honor?

Such criminals are soldiers are not soldiers.

AFSPA must be amended to make this information and the action taken by the Army Public and The Supreme Court may take suo moto action.

“Booker Prize winner, noted writer and social activist Arundhati Roy said that rape is like an entertainment of sort for some people of the country and rape is also considered as an entertainment material in Indian cinema. While taking part in an interaction program at the North East Book Fair which started here on Sunday, Roy said, “Since my childhood, I have been watching Tamil movies in which rape scenes are common. People enjoy watching these scenes and the directors also know the pulse of the people. For many people, rape is an entertainment.”

Rapes in Manipur
Rapes in Manipur
Protest Against Rapes by Indian Army
Protest Against Rapes by Indian Army

Rape takes place for different reasons. The persons behind Delhi girl rape have pathological problems which sometimes trigger criminal behaviour. But motives behind maximum of rape cases in conflict areas like Jammu & Kashmir and Manipur are different. In these States, the Indian army and the police are using rape as a weapon of domination.”

“In North India, rape is used as means of domination by the upper caste and it is not even punished,” she said, adding, “Rape is seen as a matter of feudal entitlement in many parts of India.” Roy further said that security forces often rape women in Jammu & Kashmir and Manipur by talking the advantage of the draconian Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA). “Despite being well aware of the problem, the government is not doing anything to repeal AFSPA from the conflict ridden States. In the name of crushing Maoist movement, the government is planning to enforce AFSPA in Chattisgarh,” she said.


Over 20,000 people have been killed in the last five decades due to ongoing conflict in Manipur. Today more than 30 armed groups operate in Manipur – ranging from small outfits to organizations with several thousand members. Besides them, dozens of battalions of the Indian Army and several units of Indian paramilitary forces are stationed throughout Manipur. Manipur is one of the most conflict-ridden states in India. Women and children of Manipur suffer most in this conflict. Every year 300 widows are born in the state as a result of arm violence.

In Manipur, violence against women is increasing. There were 269 cases of violence against women during the period between January and October of 2012 as per record published by local newspapers. The above cases include 21 rape cases, two rape and murder cases, 16 suicide cases, 7 molestation cases, 4 kidnapping cases, 56 missing cases and 78 trafficking cases. There has been a steep rise in crime against women in Manipur despite the emergence of a large number of women’s vigil groups and civil bodies and higher recruitment in the police department. There are various forms of violence against women. Violence at home – it can be physical abuse, it can verbal abuse. Then, there is violence in public places such as buses, trains where women are sexually harassed. Then we have a third form of violence where there is conflict, where there is structured conflict going on since decades. Women in Manipur face all the three types of violence. Manipur has the second highest rate in domestic violence in the country.(kanglaonline)

“Yes, the forces are an extremely professional bunch but what can’t be denied is that the inner face of their discipline, respect and order comprises of facts which state that in 1991, about 100 women, including minors, the elderly, pregnant and disabled were allegedly raped by a 4th Rajputana Rifles Unit in Kunan poshpora, Kupwara. The centre has to give the J&K Government some powers through which a direct role can be played in the decisions which deal with the fate of not only the officer in question but also the victim who is a civilian.”(couchtripper.com)

“The Army on Friday ordered an internal probe into allegations that its soldiers had abducted and raped a woman in Kulgam district, even as Chief Minister Omar Abdullah promised strict action against the guilty.

The medical examination of the 32-year-old woman, who accused army personnel of abducting and raping her sparking protests in the area, has revealed no marks of torture or violence on her body, according to highly placed sources.

They said the swabs taken from the woman have been sent for forensic laboratory in Srinagar. “If any foreign bodies are found in the swabs, the same will be subjected to DNA testing for ascertaining the identity of the bearer.”

General Officer Commanding of the Army’s 15 Corps Lt General S A Hasnain said an internal probe has been launched into the case and strict action will be taken against the guilty but cautioned that the allegations may have been levelled to “defame the force” and disturb the peace.

“If there is any truth in the allegation, then it is a criminal act against which strict action must be taken.

Jeevan Reddy Commission to Review AFSPA.

It must be recognised, at the same time, that the
deployment of armed forces or para military forces of the Union
to restore public order in any part of the territory of India, or to
protect a State from internal disturbance is, and ought to be, an
exception and not the rule. The deployment of armed forces for
the said purposes should be undertaken with great care and
circumspection. Unless it is absolutely essential for the aforesaid
purposes, the armed forces of the Union should not be so
deployed, since too frequent a deployment, and that too for long
periods of time, carries with it the danger of such forces losing
their moorings and becoming, in effect, another police force, a
prey to all the temptations.


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