Why Mantras Are Not Effective, Breathe Mantras

I receive queries from readers that Mantras are not providing the results as expected. There are also people who say that even though they believe that mantras, Japa would deliver results, they are yet to see people Realizing Brahman,Reality or Seeing God, as Saint Thiagaraja had seen Sri Rama after doing Rama Nama Japa for one crore times,(Ten Million).

True.If only the number of times a mantra is chanted is the criterion, then those who have completed the stipulated numbers ,should have obtained the results they sought.But it is not so.

If you chant Gayatri mantra,which is the highest mantra, about a crore times, then you should become a Gnani or at least one with Siddhis.Chanting Ten million times is possible in a short time,as 1008 Gayatris can be chanted in about two to three hours, depending on the individual.

So, why mantras do not produce results?

It is not merely chanting the Mantras in the mind as Japa,without lips moving, that is Mantra Chanting.

Mantras are sounds. We make sounds with our Mouth and Nose,propelled by our Energy,which Rises from Mooladhara.The Sounds are common to all being from Akasa; Air we use to make sounds is also common to All.

What is different is your Energy and the way the sound is raised and the Sound is to be ‘ Breathed’ .When you do this, you shall feel your body vibrating.

When you chant or even speak, you will find your Breath changes because we use our nose too in speaking and the raising of sound from mouth also affects the flow of Breath.

If you observe the flow of breath while you chant the Beeja, it will be exhalation .If you chant Kleem, it will be Inhalation.

Beeja mantras are not mantras per se. They are the Seeds for the Vruksha called Mantra. One sound is Called Pinda,two sounds Karthri, three to Nine Beejaksharas.

More to follow on Mantra chanting,Beejaksharas.

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3 responses to “Why Mantras Are Not Effective, Breathe Mantras”

  1. Respected Sir,

    This is with regard to the “why Mantas are not effective…………” in your blog today.

    You have mentioned that chanting Gayathri Mantra for 1008 times takes thirty minutes. I beg to differ, as it takes about one and half to two hours for that, as from experience of doing it on the Gaythri Japam day after Avani Avittam every year.

    Kindly note that I was not able to make this in the “Comment’ at the end of your mail and hence this mail.

    Respectful Regards.

    Anantharaman T g Mangalore-575006 .


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