This Is Where I was Hit, Hurt Sri Krishna, Parthasarathi Temple Idol

It is a fact that Mahabharata took place and it is history.The persona of Mahabharata were real.It is a fact that Mahabharata took place and it is history.The persona of Mahabharata were real.This has been verified by various tests and I have written quite a few articles on this.

The important Persona in Mahabharata is Sri Krishna. Without Him directing, without being seem to do so, He guides the Lives and Fortunes of All in the Epic.This is not surprising because He was none other than Sri Vishnu, the Supporter and Conjurer of the Universe. Nothing ever takes place without His determination,Sankalpa. He, it might appear to us mortals,that He hunts with the hunter and also runs with the prey. There is a method in His Actions,we know not what.

Yet,when He deigns to descend to Earth,to Protect Dharma,The Righteous and censure the wicked,He has to undergo the trials and tribulations of Mortals, just as we have to.He undergoes the pleasures and Pains.Yet He remains unaffected by all these.This is the greatness of Indian thought that asserts that one can not escape the results of one’s Actions,even if it Be God,who had taken an Avatar.The Avatars of Vishnu is a testimony.

In Mahabharata,Sri .Krishna becomes the Charioteer of Arjuna in the Epic battle at Kurukshetra.He guides Arjuna and Pandavas to victory against their cousins,Kauravas.

Sri.ParthasarathiTemple,Thiruvallikkeni,Chennai is dedicated to Sri Krishna as the Charioteer,Sararthi. As He was the Charioteer to Partha, one of the names of Arjuna,Krishna is called Parthasarathi in this temple.

There, as usual, in Hindi temples, a Moolavar( Deity which is in the Sanctum, that is not taken out) and Utsavar ,the Deity that is taken out for festivals and other occasions.While Moolavar is either man made or in some cases self manifested, the Utsavar is manmade.

The Utsavar in Parthasarathi Temple is manmade.A sculptor,called Sthapati,who makes the Utsavar Idol with specific metals and follows laid down procedures, makes them after undergoing strict Vrata,like fasting,refraining from Alcohol,Meat and relationship with women during this period .

The sculptor who was making the Utsava Idol of Sri . Parthasarathi , found, to his consternation and dismay ,that when he attempted to sculpt the Thiruman,the Vaishnavite Mark on the Forehead, on the face of the Idol, A small mark was formed. Worried, the sculptor tried again. Again the mark, a dot formed. He tried thrice in total. The result was the same. The sculptor felt that he was not fit and qualified to complete the task, despite him following the Vrata, he informed the temple authorities that they entrust the job to someone else as he was unable to execute the job properly.

The same night, the sculptor had a vivid dream. Sri. Krishna appeared to him and said,

‘ The Marks were falling not because of your mistake.I took part in the war as a Charioteer to Arjuna in that ferocious Kurukshetra War.Many don’t know how many arrows of Bhishma and Drona,among others, I took on my body! These now appear now in the Utsavar.So, go and do your job. Don’t bother about the marks falling on the Utsavar.They will fall where I was hit and hurt. Only I know how I was Hit and Hurt’

This information was shared by the temple priest Sri.Anantha Bhattacharya ( who is now deceased) The Marks can be seen in the Utsavar even today).The information is also confirmed in the video by Sri. Veeramy Raju.

Sarvam Krishnaaropam.

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