Realize Brahman Reality Through Rama Kalyana Gunas Attributes

According to Sanatan Dharma, Reality is a Principle to be Realised by an individual. Reality is beyond Attributes , can not be explained ,can not be reached through Mind/Intellect.Reality can not be Known. It can only be experienced,just as you experience Hunger,Pain or Pleasure.

This is the Ultimate Truth as enunciated in the Vedas.

Truth may be one thing, but our coming to terms with it, is a different proposition altogether.We, as human beings are limited by our Mind, especially the two spectacles of Space and Time,that condition Mind.So, our mind is limited. Try speaking about without reference to Space and Time.I have not deliberately used ‘Try speaking about a Thing’, because Space concept is used here to refer to something.The same Logic for Time.

Sanatan Dharma does not simply suggest something to follow as a Dogma. As the goal of Sanatan Dharma is to understand Reality and the means to Salvation,what Sanatan Dharma teaches should be followable. However, Truth need not conform to our Limitations.It exists. So the process to realise It, need not be through instrument which we think is sufficient. It is not.I refer to our Mind.

How to marry these two concepts?

Sanatan Dharma suggests, though the Reality is A Principle and can not be apprehended by cognitive processes, Sanatana Dharma offers a unique solution.

That of Worship of personal Gods.The concept of Iswara, personal God,one comes across in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra as Iswara Pranidhana. The concept of God is useful because it is easy to Focus your Mind on something which has a Name and Form And one ascribes qualities in Absuloute Terms.And also the Ascribed Qualities and Forms are those one loves .Thus was formed the Saguna Aradhana in Hinduism.Once your mind is focussed on the individual God,you become immersed in that and become one with it, emotionally.Difference between Perceiver,Perceived and The Process of Perception , disappears and Reality is experienced,shorn of Attributes.

Thus one Finds in Sri. Rama, a short cut to Realize Brahman, One Beyond Attributes.

As explained above, sixteen Attributes are attributed to Sri Rama. And these sixteen Attributes are in perfect, in Full measure, Auspicious.These are the Kalyana Gunas of Sri Rama.Valmiki in Balakanda of Ramayana had listed them. They are provided below.

1. Virtuous: गुणवान् (Gunavan): Who is Virtuous
2. Valorous: वीर्यवान् (Viryavan): Who is Valorous
3. Knower of Dharma: धर्मज्ञ (Dharmagya): Who is the knower of Dharma
4. Doer of Good Deeds: कृतज्ञ (Krtagya): Who is the doer of Good Deeds (according to Dharma)
5. Truthful: सत्यवाक्य (Satyavakya): Who is the speaker of Truth
6. Firm in Vows: दृढव्रत (Dridhavrata): Who is firm in his Vows
7. Endowed with Character: चारित्रेण युक्त (Catritrena Yukta): Who by Character is united (with Dharma)
8. Disposed towards Welfare of all: सर्वभूतेषु हितः (Sarvabhuteshu Hitah): Who is disposed towards the Welfare of all beings
9. Learned: विद्वान् (Vidvan): Who is Learned
10. Capable of upholding Dharma: समर्थ (Samartha): Who is Capable (in upholding Dharma)
11. Graceful: प्रियदर्शन (Priyadarshana): Who has a Graceful and Pleasant appearance
12. Self-Composed: आत्मवान् (Aatmavan): Who is Self-Composed
13. Free of Anger: जितक्रोध (Jitakrodha): Who has conquered Anger
14. Effulgent: द्युतिमान् (Dyutiman): Who is Effulgent (filled with the Effulgence of Aatman)
15. Free of Envy: अनसूयक (Anasuyaka): Who is not Envious
16. Whom even Devas Fear: बिभ्यति देवाः (Bibhyati Devah): Whom even the Devas Fear

(Ref: Valmiki Ramayana – Bala Kanda – 1).

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