1300 Year Old Ram Rajiv Lochan Temple Rajim Chattisgarh

This is the fourth article in the series about Sri Rama’s Temples,which are older than Ram temple in Ayodhya,India.
Madhurantakam Tamilnadu,Erikatha Rama temple is from 7th century AD;Kodandarama temple at Gandharvakkottai is from 9 Century AD; Rama’s Chapel in Ur, Iraq is dated at 3800 BC.

The temple of Rama at Rajim, Chattisgarh ,Rajiv Lochan Temple belongs to 7th Century AD as evidenced in the temple inscriptions.

The Rajiv Lochan Vishnu Mandir is an ancient Vishnu temple located at Rajim. A 7th century CE inscription recording the construction of the temple, and dated to the reign of the king Vilasatunga, has been found here. Vilasatunga probably belonged to a branch of the Nala dynasty.

Temple timings.morning 6 to evening 10

By air

42.5 km from Swami Vivekananda International Airport Raipur.

By train

50 km from Raipur railway station.

By road

47 km from Pandri Bus Stand Raipur.

Reference and citation.

Image. http://www.findmessages.com/idol-of-rajiv-lochan-in-rajiv-lochan-temple-rajim-chhattisgarh

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