Varnas Caste Tamil Lexicon 16 Century Agrees With Vedic Concept

It is often stated that the Caste system is found only in Sanatana Dharma and Sanskrit Texts. Caste is a division of social responsibility, arrived at after a careful observation of the functioning of the society. This was misinterpreted to mean that Caste awas by Birth and was used to dominate other groups by a single group .This was later utilised by the invaders as a tool to divide and rule India.Tamil is ancient language belonging to Dravidian Language groups. Dravida means , ‘South “indicating peple living in South(that is south of Vidhya Mountains)This again was used to float a now discredited Aryan Invasion Theory. There was and still a misinformation campaign that Tamil and Tamils were against Sanatana Dharma and Sanskrit. This is incorrect andI have written quite a number of articles disproving this attempt at dividing India. Ancient Tamil Grammar work, Tholkaapiyam speaks of Vedas and many Sangam Classical period literature speak of Vedic way of Life. And Tamils had seven distinct type of Castes, including the Four enumerated in Vedic Texts.I am proving quotes from Later Tamil Lexico ,’Choodamani Nikandu’ belonging to the Period of Krishna Devaraya(1471- 1521).This book was written by Mandala Purusha, a Jain Monk.

ஓதல், ஓதுவித்தல், வேட்டல், வேட்பித்தல், ஈதல், ஏற்றல் (வேட்டல் – யாகம்செய்தல்) Brahmin Duties Reciting Vedas;Imparting Vedas:Performance of Yagnyas;Assisting others to perform Yangnyas;Accepting Gifts from others; Philanthropy;

Duties of Kshatria.ஓதல்( learning Vedas), வேட்டல்(Acquisition of Wealth), ஈதல்( Philanthropy), உலகோம்பல்( Protection of the World), படைக்கலம்பயிலல்(Training in the use of Arms, போர்செய்தீட்டல்( Planning for War).

Duties of Vaisya.ஓதல்( Learning Vedas), வேட்டல்(Acquisition of Wealth), வேளாண்மை(Agriculture), வாணிகம்( Business/Enterprise), பசுக்காத்தல்( *Protecting Cows),

Duties of Sudras.

பசுக்காத்தல்(* Protecting Cows, Wealth), பொருளீட்டல்( Acquisition of Wealth), பயிரிடல்( Trilling), புராணாதிகளையோதல்(Studying Puranas and Ithihasas), ஈதல்(Philanthropy ), அந்தணா

முதலியோர்க்கு அநுகூலமாகிய  தொழில் செய்தல்( Engage in Works that would help others including Brahmins)

* Protecting Cows indicates protection of weak people, including Cows(Among animals)

Twelve Castes Among Tamils.

The Link for the book. <a href=””>Ancient Indian History and Civilization by Surendranath Jain

‘ 1. Maruta makkal or tribes of ploughmen (ulavar) inhabiting fertile, well-
watered tracts (panai) and living in villages called ur,
2. Kuravar makkal (or hill people who are foresters, make charms, and tell
fortunes and may come out of the forest to work in the panai,
3. Mullai makkal (or pastoralists, also called ayar (cowmen), kovalar
(shepherds), and idaiyar (cowherd or shepherd),
4. Neytal makkal ( or fishing people living in large coastal villages called
pattinam or small ones called pakkam, and
5. Palai makkal or people of the dry plains called eyinar. maravar, and veIar
who are hunters of both the dry plains and the forest.’

It appears that there were four castes, then further divisions took place.

It became seven and then twelve.

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