Sabarimala Iyappan Vrata Mensurating Women Entry Clarification

There is controversy and unrest in Kerala, India on women of mensurating age entering the Iyappan temple at Sabarimala.

The Supreme court of India has ruled that,based on equality of gender that women must be allowed entry to Sabarimala.

Nice to know that the honourable court has not decreed that Men should undergo labour and give birth to children.

In my view,comparing women and women is akin to comparing a Circle and a Square.

Each is unique and incomparable.

They compliment each other but never compete.

Each has a distinct identity and function,which can not be performed by the other.

I am yet to see a Man who can change a diaper with ease,who can wake up while fast asleep,when an infant feels uncomfortable or can withstand pain and sorrows as a woman,despite they being called the weaker sex.

Now to the issue of banning entry of women to Sabarimala.

The whole issue seems to be centered on the point that women are barred entry because of Mensuration.

It is not so specifically.

Men go to Sabarimala to conquer lust by following rigorous practices.

How many today follow it is questionable,though.

One of the methods is to be away from women,which attracts men.

One is not allowed to be in contact with women during the vrat period,let alone physical intimacy.

The diet is also Sattvic to prevent lecherous thoughts.

By following this,one disciplines the mind.

Over a period of time self control sets in.

This is the principle behind Sabarimala pilgrimage.

To point bout this and to exclude diversion of men’s mind away from women, the principle was put crudely that mensurating women are not to enter the temple.

The point is to emphasize that women,by nature interest men,it is Nature and you can not do anything about it and the vrata is to discipline the mind.

Iyappan,Anjaneya are the Symbols of Brahmacharya.

Iyappan is a Naishtika Brahmachari, for whom the sukla,loosely translated as Semen,raises upwards,Urdhwaretas, and not downwards as for us.

So this principle is laid.

Hope women go to court allowing them to perform Bhishma Tharpana,which is allowable.

We brought this imbroglio by diluting our vrata to suit our convenience.

Please understand Hindu practices.

It is for spiritual development based on one’s nature and limitations.

Men can go to court for performing Varalakshmi vrata,Sharad Poornima,Sumangali prarthana,Hoovili habba!.

One response to “Sabarimala Iyappan Vrata Mensurating Women Entry Clarification”

  1. This is again possibly the next step in the Illuminati’s plans to degrade spiritual nature to religious, religious to secular and secular to satanism. Author Illuminati expert Henry Makow, Ph.D asserts that above steps are followed by them worldwide. A bonus from doubling the devotees size is huge satellite businesses, more travel operators (petrol profits increase for Rockefellers), building contractors and hoteliers benefit very well too, etc. Thank you.


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