Secret Underground Rooms Srirangam UFO Sealed Authentic Videos

Sri Rangam,the foremost Holy Shrine of Lord Vishnu is referred to in ancient Indian texts and it’s age is yet to determined and is point of debate.

Will be writing in Detail on this

The temple,with the Yogic Reclining Pose of Lord Vishnu is on the banks of River Cauvery in Tamil Nadu,India .

The Ramayana refers to Srirangam and Vibishana,brother of Ravana is reported to have worshipped here.

All Indian Puranas and ancient Tamil classics refer to Srirangam.

In 2015, stone doors in the temple,which remained closed all these years were forcefully owned.

The design of the door was found to be miniaturised above the doors.

On opening,t it led to an underground chamber,which again led to another underground chamber.

A pole was found to have been placed from the top.

There was found to be a small open aperture that indicated adjoining rooms.

In the underground chamber,there was a mechanical contraption resembling Vimana, Spacecraft.

On touching,it was reported vto have made strange noises.

The door to these chambers was closed and concreted by the authorities.

A report and video,which is authenticated.

Featured image credit.

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