Rama Kings Thailand Rama Kien

I had written on the fact that Sanatana dharma was present throughout the world (with evidence)

Rama is mentioned in the Sumerian Kings List,.

Rama Chapel is found in Ur , Iraq,

Rama defeated the Alantean army in Harappa,

Rama’ on Lava founded the city of Lahore, now in Pakistan and

I have also published a Map of Lord Rama’s empire.

Rama with Kodanda,Bow.jpg
Lord Rama

The spread of Hinduism in the far eastern countries was wider.

Philippines has the statue of Manu in its parliament,

Korean queen was from Ayodhya,

Cooke,s island, New Zealand is mentioned by Sugreeva,

Mao of Thailand.

Shiva’s  Trinetra dance is performed by Australian tribes,

Vietnam has the Chatur Vedas,

A Tamil Brahmin from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu founded the empires in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand

Tamil  Saint Andal’s Thiruppavai and Shiva’s prayer Thiruvembavai are celebrated as National Festivals in Thailand.

Now there have been Kings of Thailand ,named after Lord Rama.

The List.

  • Rama I, the Great (1782–1809), Phutthayotfa Chulalok (27 years)
  • Rama II (1809–1824), Phutthaloetla Naphalai (15 years)
  • Rama III (1824–1851), Nangklao (27 years)
  • Rama IV (1851–1868), Mongkut (17 years)
  • Rama V, the Great, (1868–1910), Chulalongkorn (42 years)
  • Rama VI (1910–1925), Vajiravudh (15 years)
  • Rama VII (1925–1935), Prajadhipok (10 years)
  • Rama VIII (1935–1946), Ananda Mahidol (11 years)
  • Rama IX (since 9 June 1946), Bhumibol Adulyadej (70 years and counting)


Rama Kien, adaptation of Ramayana is Thailand’s National Epic.

Reference and citation.




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