In Hinduism, the path to self realisation /communing with  can be achieved by many methods.

At the philosophical level there are four paths.


Sri Chakra on Shiva Linga Chintamani Shiva, Anegundi.

Gnana yoga , path of knowledge,

Karma Yoga, path of action,

Raja Yoga , path of physical and mental discipline and

Bhakthi yoga, surrendering everything to God.

Some of the tools of these paths are,

Mantras, mystically locked vibrations,

Yantras, mystically locked Geometrical designs

And Tantra, a special method combining the above two.

Mantrascand Yantras are interlinked.

The vibrations produce the yantras and they the inner vibrations.

The sacred chant OM when chanted properly produces the Sri Yantra.

Please read my post on this.

Yantras are also established in some temples by the Acharyas.


Shankaracharya had established Sri Yantra in Kolluru MOOGAMBIKA temple.

What is more interesting is a Sri Chakra atop a Shiva Linga.

Shiva and Shakthi are inseparable and one can not visualise one without the other.


Shiva and Shakthi are like word and meaning.

(Kalidasa and Abhirami Bhattar)

Shiva without Shakthi is Sava, without Life and Shakthi without Shiva has no place to dwell.

Lalitha Sahasranama says about Devi,

Panchapreta Manchaathi sayini

One who reclines on a bed supported by five pretas or the body without soul.

The five faces of Shiva are


1.       Sadyojāta

2.       Vāmadeva

3.       Aghora

4.       Tatpurusha

5.       Īshāna

They represent the inertprinciple and Devi the Life principle.

Together they form the world of names and forms.

This is what is conveyed in the statement Panchapreta Manchaathi sayini.

A rare temple in Anegundi In Karnataka has a Shiva Linga with Sri Chakra on its top.

This town is located in Koppal District .Karnataka.


    1. You can reach Anegundi from Chintamani or reach Chintamani from Bangalore and reach Anegundi.It is a small place. You shall find the Temple easily.


  1. Nice to know such rare temples..would love to visit ./ thanks for the info..
    Keep up the good work..


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