Inauspicious Death Days Tripada Dosha Parihara

Hinduism states that there are days which are considered as inauspicious for Death.

If one dies on these specified days, Parihara, Atonement is recommended.

Pitru Dosha.jpg
Pitru Dosha.

Commonly held belief is that if the Pariharas are not done, more deaths would follow.

I am not too sure about this.

What I am certain is that these deaths bring in Pitru Dosha and Pariharas are necessary.

The Days inauspicious for Death fall under three categories.

Relating to the Nakshatras, Stars.

Rohini, Dhanishta, Satabhisham, Purvabhadra, Revathi, Mrugasira, Punarvasu, Uttara, Chitra, Visakha, Uttarashada, and Magha.

Thithis, Waxing and Waning of the Moon.

Padyami, Vidiya, Shashti, Ashtami, Ekadasi, Dwadasi, Trayodasi, Chaturdasi and Amavasya.


Sunday, Tuesday, Friday and  Saturday.

Some Smritis offer the following Parihara.

  • If a death has only one dosha the family members should leave the house for 1 month
  • If a death has two doshas the family members should leave the house for 6 months.
  • If a death has all the three types of doshams the family members should leave the house for 1 year.

As this is not practical now a days, there are other Pariharas as well.

  1. Pitru Tarpan Pooja (Shraddha Pooja) needs to be done at home with 5 dolls  made of Darbha (Kusha Grass) & White Cotton.

Prana Prathistapana ritual (infuse life in the Dolls) ceremony of the 5 dolls needs to be performed.

After Pooja, these 5 dolls should be buried in sand or mud near River or Sea shore.

Or perform Rudrabhisheka at home & offer food to   ancestors.

This pooja needs to be done without fail, otherwise dosha will not be removed.

  1. Nakshatra Shanti pooja & Navagraha Shanti Pooja need to be done for nullifying  the affect of Dosha.
  1. Perform Mahamrityunjaya Homa/Japa  at  home  after the above pooja’s are done.

Or Visit Gokarna  or other Pitru Parihara Sthalas and offer Sraddha.

Nine Temples foe Pitru Dosha Parihara


12 responses to “Inauspicious Death Days Tripada Dosha Parihara”

  1. Dear Sir
    My daughter passed away on 27.10.2020 at the age of 7 years 6 months. is there is any dosha if yes please suggest the remedies.


  2. Hello sir
    my husband recently died on Tripada Dosha ,(AStami,Avittam and Friday)I did grekiyam and thanista panchami related poojA yagam with the help OF TWO RITUAL POOJA PERFORMER (Brhmanar gurukkal) to remove adaippu thosham. FROM MEENAKSHI TEMPLE .we have donated oil after seeing the face and also we did all the final rituals , Ritual performer says it will be enough
    what about your opinion sir


    • Visit any of the Pitru Dosha Parihar temples as mentioned in my article. Google Pitru Dosha ramanan50. feel what you have performed is enough


  3. Ramanan, please let us know who will do these rituals if we were to seek an expert. Most of them follow the Short Cut Methods, adopted these days, collect the money, by bargaining with us, thereby, short cut rituals won’t do. Do give us a feed back. If there is an organization or a Samstha who would help people do this at nominal cost, it will be very useful. We would trust them. Love your response. Let good contacts reach us either in Rameshwaram, Gokarna etc. etc. who are quite reasonable and affordable.


    • Best is to suudy our smritis. I Have written about the purohits in Gaya Allahabad varanasi and Rameswaram. Generally you may contact Sringeri orcKanchi kamakoti mutt for purohits. If we havecread our smritis vwe can sdvise the purohits. This is whatvi do. Regards


  4. my mother in law died with those 3 dhoshas and instead of yongest son eldest son performed rituals (my husband) as they were not ready to do.I am worried if doshas would follow whose family.Please help


  5. I truly is a believer od Doshas. Saw this in my own home..I happened to lose 5 family members in span of 2 years. Later performed Shanti puja and other rituals to stop the death from taking further toll.


  6. pitru dosha one cannot predict the day, nakshatra and thithi etc. It is precalculated neither you can postpone and prepone. Pitru dosha a general term
    being attributed to each and every inauspicious event. Pitrus never give curse to their children unless they were not taken care or deprived of their care by their children. during their life period Which parent will curse their children? There is no ref of such as pitru dosha found in any religious books. nor any such follow=ups. Why do you attribute every inauspicious event to Pithru dosha This is a psychological fear
    created in the m,inds of people.What happens if the deceased has no children or do not belong to hindu society. Do you mean to say that the soul will not attain Moksha. A detailed scientific approach will solve this mystery.

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