Ravana 10000 Years Old Mummy Found In Lanka?

There was a Facebook share by my son about the body of Ravana, mummified being found in Lanka.

The Link stated that Ussanagoda , Sri Lanka had Ravana’s Mummy.

The Mummy was found in a Stone casket ,buried in a Mountain cave.

The Body was found to have been embalmed.

The share contained a Video in Tamil, by Lotus News.

This is news to me and I verified the facts.

I found videos from Aajtak on the same issue.

In the same searches I also found that Ravana’s treasures were found in a cave.

Some inscriptions were found on the walls where the Mummy was found.

It was reported that the body was buried in a Stone casket.

The Mummy is reported to be of eighteen feet and is dated around 10, 000 BC.

But the fact is that a reluctant Vibhishana cremated Ravana’s Body.

And as Vibishana ruled after Ravana there is no chance of Ravana’s treaures having been hidden in a cave.

Ravana, being Vedic scholar and a Brahmin, there is no chance of his body having been buried.

It was cremated  as per  the Vedic Rites.

Valimiki in his Ramayana describes the cremation of Ravana by Vibhishana thus.

Having heard the words of Rama, Vibhishana in haste began to do obsequies to Ravana, his dead brother. Entering the City of Lanka, that Vibhishana, the lord of demons, quickly concluded the Agnihotra (the act of pouring oblations into the sacred fire) carried on by Ravana.Vibhishana actually caused to be brought together, carts, excellent varieties of firewood, the three sacred fires and the priests required to officiate at the obsequies, logs of sandalwood, various types of firewood, pieces of fragrant aloe-wood, odorous perfumes, as well as gems, pearls and corals.

Surrounded with demons, he came back for a while and thereupon, Vibhishana along with malyavan (the father of his own mother) initiated the obsequies.Placing Ravana, the lord of demons, who was covered with linen, accompanied by blasts of various musical instruments as well as panegyrists singing his the Brahmanas (forming part of the demon’s race, which was apparently divided into four classes, like human beings) stood around him with their faces filled in tears. Lifting up that palanquin, which had been decorated with colorful flags and flowers and taking up blocks of wood, all the demons for their part, with Vibhishana in front, proceeded with their face turned towards the south.

Those sacrificial fires were ignited and re-animated, as they were, by Adhvaryu priests, the performers of the sacrificial act, at that time. Those sacrificial fires were contained in earthen pots and went in front of Ravana’s body. All those women of the gynaecium, while weeping, followed at his heels with quick paces, stumbling, as they were, on all sides.

Keeping the body of Ravana on a consecrated spot, Vibhishana and others, who were very much afflicted with grief, piled up a sacred pyre, with logs of sandalwood, moistened with perfumes called Padmaka and Koshira and covered with the skin of black antelopes, turned about to perform the obsequies in accordance with Vedic rites in honour of the king.

They performed the ancestral oblations to Ravana in a superb way. They constructed an altar in the south-east the funeral pile) and placed the sacred fire in its proper place. They poured a ladle-full of ghee mixed with curds on his shoulders, placed a cart at his feet and then a wooden mortar at his thighs.

Having set at their proper place, all the wooden vessels (used in Agnihotra), the lower piece of wood used for kindling fire at a sacrifice and the upper piece of wood (which is rotated at great speed on to lower one, to produce fire by friction), the wooden pestle and other things used in the sacrifice, they circled around the funeral pyre.

According to ordinance laid down by eminent sages and according to the rules viewed in Vedas, having sacrificed a goat fit for sacrifice at that spot, the demons dampened with ghee on Ravana the King of demons. Having decorated the body of Ravana with perfumes, garlands and various kinds of clothes; those demons accompanied by Vibhishana, distressed as they were in their minds, poured parched grains of rice, with their faces bathed in tears.

That Vibhishana set fire to Ravana, according to the rules in the scriptures. Washing himself and offering in his wet clothes, according to scriptural ordinance, sesame seeds mixed with water, as well as blades of Kusha grass and offering obeisance to Ravana by bowing his head, Vibhishana entreated those women to return, consoling them again and again. Then, all of the returned to the City.’

August 3, 2008 – A tight slap on so called “scholars” who profess scientific approach,the recent discovery by Srilanka govt has certainly caused ripples amongst such people.

The Archaeological department has found convincing evidence suggesting existence of Ravana, in the mountain range of Noroliya.The experts say that Ravana ruled SriLanka about 10000 years ago, and he possesed ‘Pushpak Viman’ (Aeroplanes) and had constructed about 5 Airports on the highest point of Noroliya mountain ranges.

Also a mummy of Ravana has been found in a cave located in one of the hills.Some balm seem to be applied to the body for preserving it, along with some metallic ornaments.

Ravan had his own Aeroplanes,which resembled ‘Eagles’ and also constructed a workshop for repairing the same.Aerodromes which were built by him were destroyed in attack by Lord Ram with a fire weapon(when he had gone to Lanka for retrieving Sita mai).The stones which were damaged during this fiery attack are still found there.And dating has revealed them to be about 10,000 yrs old.’




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  1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsWhat is the oldest cremation remains or ground found in India?

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    • As a known history in Heladiva; The King Ravana, is a Great king who was granted superpower to have everlasting long life until world end and no one can defeat him or kill him, as per the history as a king who has divine power through Hela meditation, he had a sense to see that he will be attacked in a next minute by arrow. as he couldn’t do the puja just before the war was begun he concentrated his mind to gather his mind power to come in to Nindra yoga through ancient Hela meditation and went to deep sleep to protect himself, as per the Legend which is carrird to the future in the Island, since thousand and thousand years The Great King is in Nindra yoga and he will awake once his body is touched by water drop in Heladiva Ganga River, As per the known history of the Island, the land was hit by Strong sea waves in several time and the once it has faced biggest tragedy in thousand and thousand years before by losing its seventh eighth of the Island, including 14 palaces, well developed cities and more than 100,000 streets as per the ancient history written book, Poojavaliya, however as per the known history and the Legend still 07 underground palaces are alive with no harm from strong sea waves, not only that King Ravana’s airplanes which were run by mercury engines, and all his personal belongings which are necessary to retake his throne are in safe in the Island, though it is a great secret to know exact locations until time comes to king returns. as per the legend in the country when the time comes , people who are born to serve their duty to awake memory of Great History of King Ravana and the legend, and some are already born and already started their duty to spread the Great History of Great King among the nation. they are well stong, and they had gained divine power through ancient Hela meditation.Some are born to regenerate Hela Medications through divine power to get ready the Island for King returns.Legends are Legends in any land no one can reverse http://www.inkawais.wordpress.com


      • Please refer my articles on Ravana,His palace,His scholarship Pushpaka Vimana and more. Every thing came to nought because of his lust for another man’s wife. Regards.


      • you read about King Ravana in a story book, story books are created by authors and they create stories as they wish by supporting what authors like to believe. It is not the real history about King Ravana. King Ravana is a King no one can beat, though you like or not there is a legend which is related to King Ravana, as per the; Legend Great King will awake..!

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  2. Well, there is nothing to fight about these heavenly souls. Let me put few points below (this is not to hurt anybody personal or religiously): I have heard them or read in Agni purana.

    1. Yes, Ravana was pure Brahmin – his knowledge counts after Brahma dev.
    2. Ravana was brother of Kuber
    3. Sri Lanka was built by Kuber for Dasharatha (lord Rama’s father), which was gift by other Lords for him to help in some of fight against Dravids
    4. But for this fight Ravanas & his Father did ‘Yagna’ for Dasharatha hence he requested Ravana to ask whatever he wants (as his father was not well).
    5. Ravana asked 3 things a.KIngdom Lanka b.Dasharath’s Mukut and c.Dashrath should never fight against Ravana.
    6. Hence Rama Rajyabishek happened only after he brought Mukut from Ravana.
    7. Rama was defeated by Ravana by several times, so Bramha suggested him to do Shiva puja by great Pundit, so he requested Ravana to be a Pandit for his success Yagna.
    8. Ravana was knowing that after his Yagna he will be defeated but he did because he was prayed lord Vishnu to take his soul.
    9. He was kidnapped Sita due to part of his curse because he wanted to make Rama come to him.
    10. He thanks Rama for killing him but asked to care for his wife.


  3. Vor unknown reasons PURANAS have made all villains as BRAHMINS! Ravana can never said to be a true BRAHMANA. Ravana’s mother Kaikasi was the daughter of MALYAVAN. The VARNA SYSTEM was applicable only to HUMAN BEINGS/DEVAS AND RAKSHASAS and the remaining fifteen GANAS comprising of VANARAS/YAKSHAS/KIMPURUSHAS/KINNARAS/GARUDAS did not have VARNA system and VEDIC education is no bar to them. Ravana was only an ASURA and glorified as BRAHMANA and became king of RAKSHASAS after driving YAKSHAS. Only because of his SURIC nature he was able to get boons. RAVANA was the first blackmailer. His defeats are more than his victories. he was defeated by KARTAVIRYARJUNA/VALI/MAHABALI. When he was about to be defeated by YAMA SAGE NARADA interfered and persuaded YAMA to accept defeat since defeat of RAVANA will make boons fallacious. Be never considered anybody as GOD. The recitation of SAMAGANA is not out of devotion but to get himself from HIMALAYAS. HIRANYAKASU was greater since he subjugated only GODS and called himslef as GOD. On the other hand RAVANA out of his bodily strength tortured everybody and with the sole bodily strength he cut off his head ten times and blackmailed BRHAMA to grant boon to him. ALL THE VILLAINOUS story is the greatest contribution of RAVANA TO MANKIND–ABDUCTING GIRLS ALWAYS SHOWING PHYSICAL PROWESS GETTING DEFEATED AND MAKING COMPROMISES SURROUNDING PEOPLE WITH VANITY MAKING SONS AND BROTHERS FOLLOWING HIS LINE.RAVANA’S ABODE was a classic example how only a DON/DADA/GOON/ give prosperity. IT IS HIGH TIME WE SHOULD STOP GLORIFYING RAVANA.


  4. RAAVANA was a MahaaBraahmana, who was a great scholar having learnt all the 4 Vedas, 64 Kalas etc. There are no many versions of Raamayana that the real truth about Raavana wil be definately stranger than fiction. I personally believe that Seetha was the Daughter of Raavana and lots of the zigsaw puzzle fall in place on this assumption. Raavana would definately have been cremated as per the Anthyesthi Rituals known to them. The skeleton being only 18 feet could never have been Raavana’s but of somebody around 10000 yrs old. Raavana should have been not less than 25 feet or even more. In Sanaatana dharma cremation was followed more than Burial or other methods. BUT YES, RAAVANA CAN DEFINATELY BE CALLED THE HERO OF SRILANKA and nevertheless part and parcel of the ancient history of Bharatha varsha.


  5. the true story but silent support
    ( Tamil ,sighali, and Aryan ) the whole sub-tropical ,is VRIHAT-Bharata ,this man built problems ( some SECULAR’S and EAST-INDIA company funded writer) ,who changed our Ethics our Region and our Peace with our Geo-graphical structure also same and sorrow


  6. The SRILANKAN Government exasperated by the POLITCAL SPECTRUM IN INDIA–THE ENTIRE POLITICAL SPECTRUM IN INDIA IS SUPPORTING ONLY SRILANKAN TAMILS–THE STOOGES OF ANGLICAN/AMERICAN CHURCH who are nonetheless than DEMONS enjoying THE MOST CRUEL ASSASSINATION as REVENGE OF THOUSAND YEAR ARYA RAMA AND DRAVIDA RAVANA WAR AND further disgraced and giving a slap on HINDUISM by linking it with ANTI BRAHMIN sentiment of DRAVIDIANISM has been trying to woo the entire NORTH INDIA by playing BUDDHA CHORD AND ARRANGING FOR RAMAYANA TOUR AND HAS SPREAD THESE STORIES-HANUMAN GATHA etc., POOR SRILANKANS-THE ENTIRE CONVENT EDUCATED/DDON SCHOOLED/JNU/ST.STEPHEN’S COLLEGE BRED POLITICIANS including BJP are dead against RAMAYANA for unknown reasons and hence it has not been able to make a dent for TOURISM. THE NORTH INDIAN ELITE HAS MOVED AWAY FROM DOMESTIC TOURISM TO MORE MODERN INTERNATIONAL TOURISM–THAILAND/MALAYSIA/EUROPE etc., As per age of RAMAYANA Srilanka was part of MADAGASKAR comprisisng a large archipeleogo and faced KERALA. That is why ancient MARINERS always placed SRILANKA nearer to WESTERN COAST rather than KODIKARAI. There was one beautiful article by SRI V.G.RAMACHANDRAN who placed SRILANKA of Ramayana in EASTERN PART OF AFRICA DOWN MADAGASKAR. Whatever Srilankans woo North Indians it will fail to have impact since Both Srilankans and Srilankan Tamils and MANDASAUR BRAHMINS OF NAG LINEAGE CLAIM RAVANA’S LEGACY and but for economically poor NORTH INDIANS nobody in India wants to have LEGACY OF SRI RAMA.

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  1. Ravana 10000 Years Old Mummy Found In Lanka? | Desh Dharam Dosti

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