Rama Marriage 7 April 7307 BC Hanuman Meets Sita 2 Sept 7292

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I have posted  quite a few articles on Lord Rama and Ramayana.



I have provided the tools used to authenticate hat is said in the Ramayana.


Birth date, Route taken by Lord Rama in search of Sita,His death date ,  Lineage of Rama,each of them has a post.


I will be presenting, from resources from the Internet more details on these issues,reference of Ramayana in Foreign sources, Indian


Literature.Zoological pointers, Sea-level Data, ad Historical references.


The chronological sequence of Dates in the Life of Lord Rama in the Gregorian Calendar.


It seems that Hanuman met Seetha towards the close of Vanavas, that is 7306-7292=14Years.


Rama could have organised the Ayodhya Army for his help, probably some days or months might be in dispute to conclude the Vanavas



Rama’s Birth Date 4th December 7323 B.C

Rama-Seeta Marriage 7th April 7307 B.C

Rama Exiled 29th November 7306

B.C.Hanuman enters Lanka 1st September 7292 B.C

Hanuman meets Seeta 2nd September 7292 B.C.

Sethu (Bridge) built 26-30th Oct. 7292 B.C

The War begins 3rd November 7292 B.C

Kumbhakarna is killed 7th November 7292 B.C.

Ravana is killed by Rama 15th November 7292 B.C.Rama returns to Ayodhya

6th December 7292 B.C.(Vartak,P.V. 1999)


(The scientific Dating of Ramayana and Vedas,Ved Vidnyana Mandal,Pune)


DATE OF BIRTH OF RAMA-Valmiki-Around Noon on Navami tithi of Shukla Paksha of lunar month of Chaitra in Indian Lunar Calender.


Between 12 Noon to 01.00pm on 10 January, 5114 BC(7126 BP-from Present)(Bhatnagar).


DATE OF EXILE: Valmiki- Rama was 25 years old when he left Ayodhya on exile.Bhatnagar around 05 January, 5089 BC (age of Rama 25; 5114–5089), from the planetary positions seen by Dasharatha of his impending

death, which led him to plan to coronate Rama as King.


WAR WITH KHAR & DUSHAN AT PANCHAVATI, NASIKValmiki In the later half of 13th year of exile, Rama fought withKhar- Dushan on an Amavasya tithi coinciding with a solar eclipse when Mars was in the middle.



Solar Eclipse on 07 October, 5077 BC on an Amavasya day,with Mars in the middle, and on one side were Venus and Mercury,and on the other side-Sun and Saturn.

Eclipse could be seen from Panchavati, Nasik in the Afternoon. It is exactly in the later half of 13th year of exile (Jan,5089) Oct.5077=+12).


Six months later, Bali(Vali)’s death was also on an Amavasya day of Ashadh month another Solar eclipse day- 3 April,5076 BC.


After five months, Hanuman’s meeting with Sita Devi during a Lunar Eclipse day -12 September,5076 BC.


Hanuman’s return from Lanka –8 out of 12 constellations seen on horizon – 14 September, 5076 B.C.


Ravana’s death –04 December, 5076 BC.


Rama’s return to Ayodhya after Exile – 02 January, 5075 BC, on a ShuklaPaksha Navami day of Chaitra month (Jan.5089 -Jan.5075 = 14 years).


The Data as checked manually and rechecked  with NASA software.







Rama Empire In Middle East Sumeria Evidence

A Tamil-Brahmi script inscribed on a potsherd, which was found at the Khor Rori area in Oman, has come to light now. The script reads “nantai kiran” and it can be dated to first century CE, that is, 1900 years before the present. The discovery in the ancient city of Sumhuram has opened a new chapter in understanding the maritime trade of the Indian Ocean countries, according to specialists in history.

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Secret Of Rama Rama Rahasya Upanishad Details Text

A-Called Akaaram rises from the Mouth,

U-Ukaaaram, from the Throat and

M-Makaaram rises from the pit of the stomach.

Names of the Two Deities of Hinduism have their Names based on this principle and have the power of the Power of Pranava in awakening the Power within.

One is Uma , consort of Lord Shiva and

Rama, an Avatar of Vishnu.

In the former,all the three letters are explicit and in the latter the ‘U kaaram ‘is contained the ‘Makaaram’

Hence the power of Rama Naama, the name of Rama.

In the Adhyatma Ramayana, an instance is narrated.

Rama had sent out Sita, after winning over Ravana, when she was pregnant.

Lakshmana left her with Sage Valmiki.

Rama’s sons Lava and Kusa were born there.

Rama was conducting an Aswamedha Yaga, to assert his power by sending out the Sacrificial Horse.

The Horse must not be stopped and if some one stops them he has to fight with Lord Rama.

Lava and Kusa stop the horse and Rama sends his brother Lakshmana to fight with the one who has stopped the Horses, others having been defeated by Lava and Kusa.

Lakshmana was also defeated.

The Rama personally came on to fight with the small children.( he was not awre that they were his children, but Hanuman did)

When Rama ascended the Chariot to fight ,Hanuman hoisted the children on His shoulders to enable the children to fight on equal terms.

Rama asks Hanuman,

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