Lord Krishna With Many Women Rasa Kreeda Why

There are three issues(?), which a Non Hindu uses to pick on Lord Krishna and uses them to discredit Hinduism and Lord Krishna.

1.Lord Krishna was with many a woman for pleasure,Rasa Kreeda,

2.Lord Krishna had 16,000 wives and

3.Lord Krishna won the Mahabharata War by unfair means and he advocated killing.

Krishna himself answers to His ways in the conduct of the Mahabharata War in Bhagavad Gita.( if one can understand what He says, for it is very subtle)

On his 16000 wives I shall be posting an article.

Rajasa Kreeda, Being with Many women.

Rasa Krida is also called as Rajasa Krida, for the quality of Rajasa, Passion is in play here.

The reference to this appears in the Bhagavatha Puran, Cahpters 29 to 33.

The meaning of the Term Rasa Krida’ is  Sport of Dance.

The Rasa krida of Krishna
Dance sport ,Rasa Krida of krishna

Lord Krishna had the Women’s dress confiscated while they were taking Bath and they remained naked.

They ere then observing the Kathyayanai Vrata.

Lord Krishna started playing the Flute.

The women wanted to proceed to wheer Krishna was playing the Flute , did not find their clothes.

They found Lord Krishna had their clothes in the bow of Tress.

They covered their Breasts with hands , keeping themselves in Water asked Krishna as to how He could do this to them, who have surrendered themselves to Him.

Lord Krishna replied.

You should not have taken Bath without clothes, especially when you are observing the Kathyayani Vrata.

(Hinduism enjoins one to have at least a piece of cloth to cover private parts while taking Bath)

If you had surrendered to me,you should have come to me to claim the clothes with out clothes.

This indicates that you have more attachment to the Human Body than the Love for God.

How do you expect to liberated when you have attachment to Body, Dehabhimana,Dehatma Buddhi‘?

The women realized their mistake, raised both their hands and worshiped Him.

Lord Krishna had their Clothes restored to them

At no place is it mentioned that Lord Krishna was sexually disposed to these Gopikas.

The instance is to demonstrate Bhakti, Saranagathi,  and Non attachment.

For a detailed dreading check this out.




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