Who Has The Courage Of Andal To Address Vishnu Thus

When Tamil takes postion on this?

The result is exquisite.

There are many who have treated God as a Lover, meera Bahi an example.

Andal, an Azhwar by her own right steals the show in this lover role Nayaka Nayaki Bhava.

Her yearning for Vishnu, Krishna is something ephemeral and would melt one’s heart without being erotic.

How Does Devi Devotee Behave Abhirami Andhadi

Goddess Abhirami, Thirukkadavur. Moolavar

God is an Experience. He can not be reasoned out. He is beyond Mind. Tamil calls Him ‘Kadavul’, one who is beyond the Mind. You can not hold the Ocean in your palms. How does one explain hunger, Pleasure, or Pain? They have to be felt. Many who have experienced  the ecstasy of God have…… Continue reading How Does Devi Devotee Behave Abhirami Andhadi

Jesus Is Iswara Prajapathi Christian Misinterpretaion

Jesus Browsing

My Father looks like Me,

This is what Christian Neo Missionaries are attempting to do by seemingly researched, though sheer n0n sense ,work about Hinduism and Christianity,in their attempt to legitimize Christianity and lure the unwary into the Christian fold.

This follows their earlier attempts to spread the canard about Jesus having visited Kashmir, learned Yoga and his grave is in Kashmir.

Please read my post on this.

Now they have gone one step further,

That Jesus had studied in Kashmir.

He was a follower of Rudra.

He,as a carpenter, built a King’s palace in India.

Jesus is Shiva and Prajapathi.

Jesus is Ishwara and this is mentioned in the Bhavishya Purana.

Jesus is mentioned in the Rig Veda.

My rebuttal.

Nada Yoga Nama Sankeertana

The Ultimate aim of Human Life, according to Hinduism , is Self Realization .

To see God in Yourself is Realization.

To realize God with Name and Form is Realization.

To see God in every living thing is Realization.

To see God in everything, animate and Inanimate is Realization.

Human Mind, as it is , can realize God with Name and Form easily.

It is emotional and it s emotion that drive us all.