DMK Killing Spree, In Dilemma

Recently M.Karunanidhi is reported to  have told his senior party men from Madurai,

‘I have sent my son (M.Azhagiri), to Madurai thinking that he will be safe there”

The reason.

One of the sub-lieutenant of M.Azhagiri,Union Minister of Fertilizers, ‘Pottu’ Suresh, a criminal was killed, reportedly by DMK party men.

The man killed was on bail in a murder case.

Look at this.

Quite a few years back, a CPM  Councillor in Madurai was hacked to death in broad daylight by DMK  goondas.

Karunanidhi who was in power then, did not take action and the killers were given party posts.

But persistent pressure by the CPM forced him to have them arrested and the were jailed.

But when DMK came to power again, they were released on the birth day of Day of Annadurai.

They were given plum party posts.

Then came Manmalaimedu Savarimuthu murder.

He was a lieutenant  of Azhagiri.

He was attacked on the day of his daughter’s marriage in Madurai.

He escaped.

He was given a warning that he will be killed within ten days and he was.

The DMK people who were involved in this heinous act are in the Party, in senior positions now!

Then came the murder of Tha.Krittinan ,Madurai who was killed while on a walk in the early morning in Madurai.

The man responsible for this became the Deputy Mayor of Madurai!

It is noteworthy that Azhagiri was also charge sheeted in this case

Violence is not new to DMK.

M.K.Azhagiri and Karunanidhi
M.K.Azhagiri and Karunanidhi

Right from the day of its inception, it was indulging in un- parliamentary verbal attacks on their political rivals-you can not write them , so vulgar.

Karunanidhi once said that the DMK had formulated a scheme for widows and Indira Gandhi was welcome to avail it!

He called her birth in question, organised attacks on her in Madurai, was arrested.

Then she became the ‘Darling Daughter of Nehru,Give os stable Government’

Then came the setting ablaze of ‘Dinakaran‘ Daily, of Maran ,SUN TV, for publishing a Survey report that poeple preferred Stalin as the would be CM of Tamil Nadu: three lives were lost.

The man responsible for this, ‘Attack’ Pandi’ became the President of District Agricultural Committee and was seen travelling with the District Collector!

The incidents narrated here are only a few.

Be it attacks on EVK Sampath(father of EVKS Ilangovan),Kannadasn ,Jayakanthan,Nathgam Ramaswamy,the list is endless.

Noe the Frankenstein monster is catching up.

I think this is the only logical end for the DMK.

AIADMK is not far behind.

DMK and AIADMK are the same.

This is the formula.

DMK-Karunanidhi= AIADMK.


Source.Ananada Vikatan 13/2/13

By Ramanis blog

Retired Senior Management Professional. Lectures on Indian Philosophy,Hinduism, Comparative Religions. Researching Philosophy, Religion. Free lance Writer.Blogger,Tedex Speaker

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