Last Days of Rama, Date Of Death .

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Though Lord Ram’s Birth Dates has been confirmed by Astronomical chart, Date of death is yet to be proved.

Lifespan of Humans is around 10,000 years in Treta Yuga.

Rama’s Date of Birth is January 10,5114 B.C.(3102 years ago)

Therefore , assuming that he had lived a full Life,( which ,according to The Epic Ramayana is not the case) he could have left his mortalframe by 13102 Years ago.

I am confused in presenting this information in BC.

Some one may suggest.

Corrections to this Article are welcome.

“The sixth section of the Ramayana here concludes; the remainder of the story is told in the Uttarakanda, a subsequent addition. The treatment which Sita received in captivity was better than might have been expected at the hands of a Rakshasa. She had asserted and proved her purity, and Rama believed her; but jealous thoughts would cross the sensitive mind, and when his subjects blamed him for taking back his wife, he resolved, although she was pregnant, to send her to spend the rest of her life at the hermitage of Valmiki. There she was delivered of her twin sons Kusaand Lava, who bore upon their persons the marks of their high paternity.

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Horoscope of Lord Rama.

When they were about fifteen years old they wandered accidentally to Ayodhya and were recognized by their father, who acknowledged them, and recalled Sita to attest her innocence. She returned, and in a public assembly declared her purity, and called upon the earth to verify her words. It did so. The ground opened and received “the daughter of the furrow,” and Rama lost his beloved and only wife.

Unable to endure life without her, he resolved to follow, and the gods favoured his determination. Time appeared to him in the form of an ascetic and told him that he must stay on earth or ascend to heaven and rule over the gods. Lakshmana with devoted fraternal affection endeavoured to save his brother from what he deemed the baleful visit of Time. He incurred a sentence of death for his interference, and was conveyed bodily to Indra‘s heaven. Rama with great state and ceremony went to the river Sarayu, and walking into the water was hailed by Brahma‘s voice of welcome from heaven, and entered “into the glory of Vishnu.”

“The recently discovered bridge is made of a chain of shoals 18 miles long. The bridge’s unique curvature and composition by age reveals that it is man made. Legends as well as archeological studies reveal that the first signs of human inhabitants in Sri Lanka date back to a primitive age, about 1,750,000 years ago and the bridge’s age is also almost equivalent.

This information confirms the mysterious legend of the Ramayana, recorded to have taken place in the Treta Yuga (more than 1,700,000 years ago). At that time the inhabitants in the world were much more spiritual than they are today.

In this epic, a bridge is discussed which was built between India and Sri Lanka under the supervision of Rama, considered to be an Incarnation of God. Rama went to Sri Lanka to save his wife Sita who had been abducted by Ravanna, a demonic king of the era who terrorized the religious people in India.”

For explanation from Uttara Kanda of Ramayana ,please check this link.

Last Days of Rama, Uttara Kanda, Ramayana.


The story of Shri Rams’ life was first narrated by Maharishi Valmiki in theRamayana, which was written after Shri Ram was crowned as the king ofAyodhya. Maharishi Valmiki was a great astronomer as he has made sequential astronomical references on important dates related to the life ofShri Ram indicating the location of planets vis-a-vis zodiac constellations and the other stars (nakshatras).

Needless to add that similar position of planets and nakshatras do not repeat themselves in thousands of years.

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