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Vaitheeswarn temple Deity

Recently I had been to some temples in Tamil Nadu.

Though I have visited these Temples many times, I thought I would Post a Note on the essentials of  these Temples.

( Whenever I feel like-which is about once  in two or Three months-seeing Goddess Abirami of Thirukkadavur, I visit some other Temples as well.

These include, VaitheeswaranKoil,Tirunallar,Myladuthurai,Tiruvaarur,Thirukkarukavoor,Tirumeeyachchour,Poonthottam, Uppiliyappan Koil,Swamimalai,Patteswaram,Tiruchi,Sri Rangam,Kumbakonam and Thirvaanaikkaval.There is no specific vow, but simply an urge to see the Goddess Abirami.


This time I covered, apart from Tirukkadavur(it is not Thirukkadayur),Tirunallar,Thirukkarukaavur,Thiruvaaroor,Thiruvidai Maruthoor, Vaitheeswaran Koil and Myladuthurai.

I park myself at Myladuthurai and cover these temples.

I find this arrangement convenient,though it is ideal to be at Kumbakonam.

But Myladuthurai is better in terms of better accessibility and better accommodation budget wise).Kumbakonam is 35 minutes  away-Rs 11 by bus ,about half a Dollar to and Fro.

You have buses every 10 -15 minutes from Myladuthurai  and it takes about 25 minutes one way.

The Temple is closed between 1 and 4 pm.

This Temple is worshipped for relief from Disease,s of the Skin especially.

And for relief from Angaraka Dosha,-Mars’s Malevolence.

It is believed one’s Marriage is delayed if Mars is in 4, 7, 8 11 and 12.(there are some divided opinions on this).

Angaraka has a Sannidhi or special enclosure in this temple.

The procedure of worship in the Temple is to wash one’s feet and hands in the Temple tank.
Every temple has its own its Tank, Tree,(Place of The Temple _Stlaam,Therrththam and Vruksham)-Vembu or Neem tree.

“Chevvai or Angarakan is present in two forms – Utsavar (the idol that is taken out in procession during festivals) is near the Vaithyanathaswamy sannidhi (shrine) and the moolavar (the idol that is  placed permanently in a place) is in the Eastern side of the outer praharam (circumambulatory path). The Utsava Murthy, mounted on a goat, is taken out in a procession inside the temple premises every Tuesday.  There is a small shrine to Lord Dhanvantari in the praharam (circumambulatory path) around Vaitheeswaran’s Sannidhi (Sanctum sanctorum).”

There are  three Legends on Angaraka/Mars,Chevvai.

When Lord Siva  was separated from Goddess Parvati, three drops of Tears dropped from his eyes and as these tears were very hot ,they  were transformed into Angaraka.

Another is that once these tears fell into the ground,Goddess of Earth, Sri Bhoo Devi brought these tears as a being and brought him up.

He was red in colour.Note that the colour of Mar’s Terrain is Red.

This legend seems to be more appropriate for we have Angarka Gayathri -Dhrani Garba Sampoodam Vidyut kanti Samaprabham,Kumaram Sakthi hatham ThamMangalam Pranayamyakham,

Another Gaythri is -AUM Angarkaya vidmahe, bhoomibalaya dhimahi, thanno kujah prachodayath.

The Ruling Deity of Angaraka is Lord Subramanya, who is worshipped as Muthukkuamara Swamy here.

The idol is exquisite to look at.

The third legend is that the Tears from Lord Siva’s tears transformed into Angaraka.

The bathe in the Temple tank is believed to cure diseases.

One can also drop a mixture of Salt and pepper near the temple where an enclosure for the purpose is provided.

People can take this as a vow to be cured of illness..

Next to worship is Lord Vaitheeswaran(Lord of Doctors).

In Ayynagar Sampradayam,Sree Veera ragahva Swamy of Tiruvallur Temple (near Chennai), is the equivalent of Vaitheeswaran Temple.

Here also a pinch of earth is given as medicine.

Then worship of Goddess who is called ‘Thayyal Nayaki, again a beautiful image of the Goddess.

Then one can perform the Pooja for Angaraka.

The Abhishekam costs Rs 300.

One can also offer  Red Cloth.

Those who want to appease Angaraka/Kuja/Chevvai/Mangalan may fast on Tuesdays, observe krithikai Vratham and pray  Lord Subramanya.

Food in the town is ok.

One may go back to Myladuthurai for good food.

Good Lodging facilities are available.

The town is also known for Nadi system of Astrology, where one’s past,present and future including past Lives are disclosed.

One has to be wary of fraudsters on this.

It is recommended to worship on an empty stomach.

Note; Jatayu was cremated by Lord Rama here    and the place where he was cremated is marked in the Temple.

Please read my blog ‘Route taken by Lord Rama.’


Chevvai Dosham;

Muthukumara Swamy
Selava Muthukkumara Swamy,Vaitheeeswaran Koil.

The well known Manglik, Kuja Dosham or what they call as Chevvai Dosham.

Mars, is identified as the Ruling planet of earth and known as Bhoomi Karaka. It is denoted with brothers, Fire, Accidents, cuts, wounds, injuries, rudeness, anger, short temper, lethal weapon and War. It is also a most feared planet in general and marriage alliance seekers in particular.

People in India are too scared about the planet Mars known as Kuja or Mangal. If this Planet is placed in the 2nd, 4th, 7th or 8th houses from one’s ascendant or from the Moon sign in their horoscope/Natal Chart, then it is really difficult for them to find a suitable match and get married. It is a very foolish idea that marriages in India are delayed only on this count. I know a number of persons affected by branding them as “manglik” They fear that if a person is married to a non manglik either one of them will die soon. The fear of reduced longevity for one of the coupled makes everyone to think twice before the wed lock.

As many astrologers profess this as a major cause or set back for one’s marriage, many of the match making efforts are tactically rejected showing only on this count. No doubt, the planetary influences are to the maximum extent causing some imbalances in everybody’s life, it certainly cannot be taken as granted to reject an alliance only on the ground that the person is “manglik”.

My father, Late Shri Mukkur Ramabathrachariyar, has once clearly explained to me that a number of matches can be found and suitable alliances can be arranged, if a proper study of the horoscope is undertaken. For example, majority of the people who fall under Positive Blood group are having the planet Mars in their1-2-4-7-8 or 12th houses. However, there are exceptions given based on the placement of Mars occupying or in conjunction with some beneficial planets. If these valuable points are ignored, then really one misses his/her suitable alliance and wrongfully confined and coupled with other non matching ones.”

“Devotees take a holy dip in the temple tank before worshipping Vaitheeswaran in the temple. It is also a local belief that dissolving jaggery (Tamil:vellam) in the waters cures skin diseases.[6]Tonsure ceremony of getting children shaved for the first time to promote proper growth is a very common practise.[4] Mavilaku ma (litting lamp in rice cakes) is a form of worship practised. The practise of jamming salt and pepper in front of the temple mast and the pot near the temple tank is also followed. Unlike other temples in South India, where each shrine has a priest, each priest in the temple associates themselves with the devotees and perform worship on their behalf.[7] The holy soil rounded with ash (called Thiruchandu Urundai) is treated as medicine and believed to cure all the diseases.[8] Another medicine given is chandan (sandalwood powder) with saffron. Devotees also donate carved silver plated body organs in the Hundi (vessel for offering) to cure the diseases.


Eastern gateway with ‘Adi’ shrines and temple tree

Brahmotsavam (annual festival) is celebrated during the Tamil calendar months of Pankuni and Thai (January–February). Karthigai festival during November is also celebrated with pomp and glory. Kantha Sashti, a festive occasion for Subramanya, is celebrated in the shrine of Muthukumaraswamy.”

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  1. Nice description. Quite useful. Thanks so much. A small typo
    “Parvati” got misspelt as “Garvati”
    Best regards.


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