Karunanidhi’s TESO Communique,No Tamil Elam,No Agenda For Tamils

tamil eelam
tamil eelam (Photo credit: peevee@ds)

DMk Chief Karunandhi is organising a meet of Tamil Elam Supporters  Organisation ( TESO) on 12 July ,2012, in Chennai.

What Karunanidhi will not discuss in the Meet are:

Tamil Elam.

Genocide and bringing to Book Rajapakshe and his thugs.

Honourable Political settlement for the Tamils.

Resettlement of the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Mechanism to ensure return the displaced Tamil Diaspora to Sri Lanka.

What he will discuss are;

Tamils are being killed and the Central Government has to take action.

The attack on Tamils must be stopped.

At the end of the meet the Communique will read as follows.

” The Tamils all over the world are shocked and distressed over the killing of the Tamils , especially children and women .

My heart bleeds and all the Tamils are aware of what I have been doing for the cause of the Tamils in Sri Lanka since I was three years old.

In fact I would have gone to Sri Lanka at that age to fight along with my brethren .

But Thanthai Periyar and Perarignar Anna  begged me not to do so as I could effectively wage a war against the Sri Lankan Government by getting my son, daughter and nephew inducted in the Central Cabinet.

Entire Tamil diaspora knows how I  went on an indefinite fast lasting for three hours between Break fast and Lunch to stop the massacre of the Tamils!

All of you know how our party’s Ministers at Delhi argued for the cause of the Tamils by remaining Silent in Cabinet Meets.

In fact my daughter Kanimozhi went to Sri Lanka wand struck a working relationship with Rajapakshe and posed for photographs with the gift received from him.

I shall continue to fight for the cause of the Tamils and I will sacrifice my Life in this endeavour as I have done so many times in the past.”


A day after Union home minister P Chidambaram met him, DMK chief MKarunanidhi on Monday said the demand for Eelam (a separate Tamil land in Sri Lanka) will not be part of the agenda at the conference of the recently revived Tamil Eelam Supporters Organisation (TESO) in Chennai on August 12.

“It’s different to have an opinion on a separate Eelam, but we don’t intend to put it up as a topic for discussion at the conference and create any confusion,” Karunanidhi told reporters. He said the conference was called to discuss various solutions to the problems faced by Tamils in the island nation and ensure a livelihood for them. The Times of India reported on Monday that the home minister conveyed to Karunanidhi the UPA government’s displeasure over the Eelam demand being included in the conference.

Dismissing the report that the Eelam issue figured in discussions with Chidambaram during their brief interaction on Sunday, Karunanidhi said, “Chidambaram met me because he was in Chennai. We did not discuss politics at all.” He sought to justify his move saying, “It is only democratic that we consult with other leaders on what they feel about a separate Eelam. We don’t intend to have any protests demanding it. As of now, the priority is to ensure safety and good living for Sri Lankan Tamils.”


4 responses to “Karunanidhi’s TESO Communique,No Tamil Elam,No Agenda For Tamils”

  1. Well said Sir… But for that matter, my humble opinion is that no politician including Karunanidhi would like to do anything about this situation… Only as long as the problem exist they can talk about it… “I mean just talk about it…” After all what does the general public who cant think want… Just hear politicians talk about the issue. weather something happens or not does not matter. It is not just Tamil issue, everything is like that… The Cauvery water issue existed, exist and will exist…


    • If you cannot do anything to Eelam Tamils – just shut your bloody mouth and Let DMK leader can do it. Even at this age he has to depend on Indian PM to comfort Tamils abroad. The atrocities by the Sri Lankan force wouldnt have happened if Tamil Nadu is a separate Country as asked by our beloved leaders Periyar and Anna.
      Cauvery water issue prevailed for more than 90 years and only due to Kalainger and V,PSingh the Supreme Court ordered an interim order to supply 205 TMC to Tamil Nadu. The Karnataka never obeyed the SCs order and Jaya never insisted on it(because she came from Mysore to TN in search of food and shelter)


      • Please go through my Blogs on Karunanidhi’s Volte face on Sri Lankan Tamils.
        Also await my blog on the points raised by you.


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