Vishnu At Dreaming Sleeping Deep Sleep States Sahasranama 64 68 Anivritti nivruttaathma

Vishnu Sahasranama Slokas 64-68 Anivritti nivruttaathma..

Anivartee Nivrittatma Samkshepta Kshemakricchivah     | Srivatsavakshah Srivaasah Sripatih Srimataam varah  ||64||Sridah Srishah Srinivasah Srinidhih Srivibhaavanah  | Sridharah Srikarah Sreyah Srimaan Lokatrayaashrayah ||65|| Svakshah Svangah Shataanando Nandir Jyotir-Ganeshvarah     | Vijitatma Vidheyatma Satkeertish Chinnasamshayah             ||66||Udeernah SarvatashChakshuh Anishah ShaashvataSthirah | Bhushayo Bhushano Bhutir Ashokah Shokanaashanah    ||67|| Archishmaan Architah Kumbho Vishuddhatma Vishodhanah    | Aniruddho Apratirathah Pradyumno Amitavikramah Image credit. Temple connect.. 

Narayana Mantra by Asvinikumaras For Fortune Health

Ashvins can be compared with the Dioscuri (the twins Castor and Pollux) of Greek and Roman mythology, and especially to the divine twins Ašvieniai of the ancient Baltic religion”..

The Ashvins are mentioned 376 times in the Rigveda, with 57 hymns specifically dedicated to them: 1.3, 1.22, 1.34, 1.46-47, 1.112, 1.116-120 (c.f. Vishpala), 1.157-158, 1.180-184, 2.20, 3.58, 4.43-45, 5.73-78, 6.62-63, 7.67-74, 8.5, 8.8-10, 8.22, 8.26, 8.35, 8.57, 8.73, 8.85-87, 10.24, 10.39-41, 10.143


Lakshmi in Pompeii Italy 80 BC

The time of Immigration coincides with the Great Flood mentioned in the Hindu texts and ancient Tamil Classics.

The next question is about the people who were present locally when the Immigration took place.

I postulate that both belonged to Bharatavarsha,the name the present India.

One must remember the landmass was different then.

Lakshmi Jyeshta Devi Durga In Ancient Sumeria?

‘Additionally, the myth may be described as a union of Inanna with her own “dark side”, her twin sister-self, Ereshkigal, as when she ascends it is with Ereshkigal’s powers, while Inanna is in the underworld it is Ereshkigal who apparently takes on fertility powers, and the poem ends with a line in praise, not of Inanna, but of Ereshkigal. It is in many ways a praise-poem dedicated to the more negative aspects of Inanna’s domain, symbolic of an acceptance of the necessity of death to the continuance of life.

Lakshmi’s Elder sister is Jyesta Devi, personification of things inauspicious.

Devadasi system in Sumeria.

The Devadasi system, I have been thinking, was unique to India.

One Vishnu For Every Month Lakshmi Tantra

They are,

Each of the twelve Vyuhantara is identified with a month and is revered as masa-devatha (lord of the month).And; collectively they are identified with the year.

Each of the twelve Vyuhantara is identified with a month and is revered as masa-devatha (lord of the month).

And; collectively they are identified with the year.

Vishnu here represents the Kaala Purusha

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