Cholas from Chandra Vamsa Lunar Dynasty as Well

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I had written earlier about the information taht the Cholas belonged to Ikshvaku ,Solar Dynasty to which Sri Rama belongs. The ancestors of Rama, Mandhadha and Sibi were Cholas.Sibi ruled from his second capital located in what is now Pakistan’s NWFP.And there was Manu Needhi Chola, who is identified as the son of Ela, daughter of Manu and brother of Ikshvaku.Manu Needhi Chola was also called as Ellalan in Mahavamsa of Sri Lanka as the King of Sri Lanka.

The Cholas have recorded in Kanyakumari Epigraphs that the first Chola King was Chola Varman and he belonged to Ikshvaku Dynasty. Cholas mention in Thiruvalangadu Copperplates that the are the descendants of Ikshvaku.Then we have Andhra Inshvakus. I shall write on Andhra Inshvakus later.

Now evidence has come to light Chola’s Dynasty began with Srimad Bhagavadham stating that the Cholas were the Fifteenth in line of Chandra Vamsa,Lunar Dynasty, after Turvasu.

Turvasu was the fifteenth king in Chandra Vamsa.Thurvasu of Lunar Dynasty was a contemporary of Dundhumara of Solar Dynasty

Turvasu’s (the second son of King Yayati) descendants were called Mlecchas (who ruled in Balochisthan) as per Srimad Bagavatha Mahapurana and Dravidas (who ruled in South India). The following kings were the disciples of Sage Agastya (Developed Tamil language and created Kaveri River with the help of Lord Ganesha). He ruled Southern side of Bharatkhand.

  1. Turvasu (Contemporary to Suryavanshi King Dundhumara)
  2. Marutta(1) was defeated by Ravana in a duel. (Contemporary to Suryavanshi King Mandhatri, Demon Ravana and Lord Parashurama)
  3. Vahini
  4. Garbha
  5. Gobhanu
  6. Bharga
  7. Bhanumaan
  8. Trishanu
  9. Tribhanu
  10. Karandhama
  11. Marutta(2) gave his daughter to Dushyanta Paurava and She begot Sarutta who succeeded his maternal Grandfather.
  12. Daughter of Marutta raised her son Sarutta who became the king of Sindhu Kingdom.
  13. Sarutta
  14. Andhra (founder of Andhra Kingdom) and Mleccha (Raised Mlechha dynasties)
  15. Kulya (Prince of Andhra and whose descendants were Pallavas and Tondai Kings), Chola (Founder of Chola Kingdom and Dynasty), Pandya (Founder of Pandya Kingdom and Dynasty), Kerala (Whose descendants were Cheras) – Because of these kings Dravida Country (Tamil and Sanskrit are the two eyes of this country) was
  16. developed.

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    • Current records show interne quarrels and with Chera,pandyas ,later with pallavas.Some more information is yet to be verified about Lemuria and Atlantis before I can comment more.


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