Rama Festival On June Peru Rama-Sitva Festival

Sanatana Dharma had spread throughout the world in ancient times and the landmass was different from what it is today.

References to various continents,kingdoms,kings,cities and festivals are found in Indian Puranas and Ithihasas, Ramayana and Mahabharata.

And Tamil classics dating back to 20,000 years also refer them.

I have written on the presence of Sanatana Dharma in,

Afghanistan,Russia,US, Central and South America, Europe,Africa, Middle East,Far east and Australia.

Even Antarctica and Arctic.

For individual countries which had Sanatana Dharma presence,please Google country name+Hinduism+ramanan50 for details.

India had a close relationship with Central,South and North America.

I have written on each country.

In Peru,one finds the Shiva’s Trishul mark as Nazca Lines.

This is referred to in the Ramayana,when Sugreeva directs his vanaras to search for Sita.

And Ram’s name was popular in Peru.

Indian ships traveled to Peru.

Rama’s Festival is Celebrated as Ram-Sitva festival in Peru during winter solstice.

Dr. Robert Heine Geldern anthropologist, has written that: “Those who believe the ancient peoples of Asia were incapable of crossing the ocean have completely lost sight of what the literary sources tell us concerning their ships and their navigation. Many of the peoples of Southeastern Asia had adopted Indian Hindu-Buddhist civilizations. The influences of the Hindu-Buddhist culture of southeast Asia in Mexico and particularly, among the Maya, are incredibly strong, and they have already disturbed some Americanists who don’t like to see them but cannot deny them.” “Ships that could cross the Indian Ocean were able to cross the Pacific too. Moreover, these ships were really larger and probably more sea-worthy than those of Columbus and Magellan.” “Ships of size that carried Fahien from India to China (through stormy China water) were certainly capable of proceeding all the way to Mexico and Peru by crossing the Pacific. One thousand years before the birth of Columbus Indian ships were far superior to any made in Europe up to the 18th century.”….

The Peruvians and their ancestors, the Indians, are in this point of view at once seen to be the same people.”- Edward Pococke

Rama is represented as a descendant from the sun, as the husband of Sita, and the son of a princess named Causelya. It is very remarkable that Peruvians, whose Incas boasted of the same descent, styled their greatest festival Rama-Sitva; whence we may take it that South America was peopled by the same race who imported into the farthest of parts of Asia the rites and the fabulous history of Rama.”

Sir William Jones (1744 – 1794) states in his papers published by the the Asiatic Society that the Incan festival ‘Rama-Sitva’ celebrated on the Winter Solstice Day gets its name from the Hindu God King, Sri Rama and his wife, Goddess Sita. The Winter Solstice Day is celebrated in June in Peru. (Peru lies in the southern Hemisphere and the winter solstice day falls in June).

-Sir William Jones,1746-1794) judge of the Supreme Court at Calcutta and was one who pioneered Sanskrit studies.




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