Colour Changing Shiva Near Chennai Chinna Ekkadu

I have written about Shiva lingam changing Colors in many temples,some changing every Muhurtha,in Tamil Nadu.

There are two temples where Shiva linga changes colour,in Karnataka.

One is near Bangalore,The Virupaksha temple,which also Cures Autism.

Another one is near Mangalore.

There is Kalyanasundareswarar temple at Nallur,Tamil Nadu.

There is another Shiva temple near Chennai.

The Shiva lingam has ,as His Accoutrement,a Stem,which resembles the Stem of Lotus.

The dilapidated temple has recently been renovated and poojas are done twice a day.

Childless couple are Blessed here.

How to reach.

Airport. Chennai.

Railway. Chennai, Thiruvallur.

Bus. Chennai, Thiruvallur.

From Thiruvallur, one has to take a bus towards Redhills,get down at Ekkadu.

The temple is nearby.

One can reach from Thiruvallur,by traveling from Thamaraippaakam junction road..

Images fromபஞ்ச-வர்நேஸ்வரர்-கோயில்

2 responses to “Colour Changing Shiva Near Chennai Chinna Ekkadu”

  1. can you kindly tell me where is the temple[near Bangalore,[The Virupaksha temple,which also Cures Autism] near bangalore. exacly at which place please


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